Monday, April 28, 2014

This area is really hoppin! to answer some of the questions you had.
Our apartment complex has a washing machine and dryer but you have to pay 1 dollar to use it each time. So we do our own laundry here. the emailing in this area is a little different. SO our pdays go like so
10AM-Drive to church, and begin emailing and so forth.
11:30Am- usually all the missionaries are done emailing so we go and shop and stuff.
1 or 2PM. when we get back from that we can check our emails real quick and reply than we get dressed into gym clothes and play basketball or something fun in the gym.
5:30PM- we can log in and check our emails again and reply to any important ones.
haha thanks mom.

All the missionaries in our area come to email at the church on P-Day. Including the sisters. So in total while im emailing there are 3 other sets here so a total of 8 missionaries. 1 set of sisters. They do play basketball with us.
SO even though i may get off in an hour or so you can still send me an email and ill see it later on today.

Hello friends and family! Before i begin i would like to thank everyone including sister Dean! who sent me letters and i will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

     Things here in Old Town are much busier than my last area. In this area we have a total of 8 investigators and we have some potential investigators who may become investigators in the next coming week.  This area is really hoppin! Lots of people to teach and lots of lessons to prepare.

     I feel myself growing in the gospel and i really could tell ive grown when Elder Beck and I were helpers at this years youth conference. We attended the youth conference for the Augusta and Bangor Stakes. (The whole state of Maine pretty much) We, along with other sets of missionaries were set apart as team leaders for a group of 15 youth and were the leaders of all that they did. We taught them 2 devotionals, one of daily scripture study and the other on the power of prayer. Both of the lessons were very powerful and the youth could feel the spirit in the room. It was a unique experience to be the leader of youth that look up to you even though they are only 1-2 years younger than you. Also part of this youth conference we got to take 2 youth out teaching with us to an actual investigator of ours. I went with 2 youth to one of our actual investigators named J****  W****** who is a 19 year old college student. The youth were to teach the Plan of Salvation and I was to direct it and help if they needed help. Of course during the lesson they needed some help but it was humbling to see how much i have grown in the gospel in 6 months of being on my mission. These youth knew a good amount of the Plan of Salvation and knew even more than i did before coming out on my mission, but it was cool to see the parallel from an 18 year old youth to a 19 year old missionary and how much i have grown.

Getting ready to teach at Youth Conference

The missionaries helping out at Youth Conference

Are these guys really helping??
Elder Helping Hands


  Aside from youth conference we taught a no smoking program to a Less-Active member and we hope she follows through with it because she needs to stop smoking, in fact everyone needs to stop smoking because its so dumb and its just slowly killing you.

     This past week we did a good amount of service, some activities include moving a washer and dryer at 8:30PM in the rain and it was super slippery and heavy but we pulled through without dropping it, we raked a large back yard of leaves and shrubbery, we cleaned up a polluted nasty stream that had loads of trash and junk in it, and we helped a lady in our ward find something she lost in her house....

     Some other things i want to talk about is that the weather here is finally in the 40+s but the stinky part is that its always the classic Maine overcast and rainy days. For the past couple of days its has just been gloomy and dark all day with just enough rainfall to make your hair constantly wet, not dripping just wet and moist. Also last Monday i decided to go for it and buy a tomato plant haha. I bought it from walmart for 3$ and i bought it because i wanted to see it grow and if all goes well produce me a tomato. I set it out on our porch and we will see how it goes. This past week has taken an affect on it because the sun has barely come out and as we all know plants need to sun to grow! So its slowly dying but ill hope for the best.  That's all that i can think of atm. I hope it stays sunny and awesome in San Diego!

All Smiles, Elder Dahlberg!!

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