Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Switched areas with the Sisters (from March 24, 2014)

....Ground breaking news... I am no longer living in Bath.... I live in Brunswick now. Its strange but, the mission president called and told us and the sisters to switch areas. So the next day (Friday), we packed up all our clothes and food and moved apartments and switched teaching pools and vwaulah. So the package you sent went to the sisters and they will get it to me when they can.

My new address is 
1 Cedar Street Apt 8
Brunswick, ME, 04011.

     And its funny because transfer calls are on April 6th, so there is a possibility of getting transferred out and moving a whole 'nother time... So now i am serving in Brunswick which is way different than Bath. We no longer go and teach George Derr, Mary Youland, June Wing, The Borges's.... It was pretty hard telling them we are just leaving and it was hardest to tell it to June because I know she doesn't have another year left on this earth... And she wasn't happy we were leaving either because she only likes elders and she doesn't like sisters. She doesn't like women in general haha.

Good-bye to the Wing's
Good-bye to the Soup kitchen workers


     Anyways, this week has probably been one of the slowest but most action packed weeks in my mission. It happened so fast but at the same time it took forever. So this past Thursday we got a call from the mission president telling us that he wanted us to move out of our apartment and switch areas with the sisters as soon as possible. So Friday we got up and packed all of our personal belongings and moved ourselves out and moved the sisters in. So I am now living in Brunswick Maine which is WAY more populated than Bath. Its almost the opposite of Bath. Instead of old people driving around older Buicks or beat up trucks you see Audis and BMW and college kids. In Brunswick there is Bowdoin College which is less than 1 mile from our apartment. So we see kids our age all over and we also live next to a train station which really enjoys blowing its horn at all hours of the day.

     The population is much greater here and so is the opposition. On our first official day in Brunswick we were walking the streets trying to meet up with some of the Less-Actives in our newly acquired area and a guy stops us. He tells us his name is Aaron and that he could "rip us apart with his knowledge compared to our so called 'knowledge'". This man had 2 tear drops tattooed under his eye and he must have been drunk and high because he couldn't keep stable all that well. We told him that we were just out doing what we feel is right and he left us alone and we walked away. So about 1/2 mile down the way we were walking and we see this guy walking towards us. We say hello and he just keeps walking and says "SUP NERDS" and by this time i just started busting up laughing because of what just happened. We kept laughing for a good 5 minutes because of how ridiculous that was. We definitely felt a warm welcome into the city of Brunswick.

    So in the past week we also helped someone in the ward move out and someone move into the ward. The person we helped move out actually is a Less-Active and it was a blessing to be able to help her. We had never even met her and we stopped by because we heard she was moving from someone and we thought we would stop by. We knocked and no one answered and we were like dang.... so i felt i should leave a sticky note telling her we stopped by and that we would love to help her move and so sure enough 2 hours later she called and said she would love to have us over and help. So we did and that was really fun. Lots of stuff to move but it was worth it. She was so happy that we left the sticky note and that we came to help. She said it was an answer to her prayers. Whenever i hear that it always brings a warm feeling to my heart knowing that i was the cause of that. :)

     This past week i was on an exchange in Yarmouth and we were doing service at a food pantry and a woman came up to us and asked us the basic questions of who we are and where we are from. So i said San Diego and she than goes where in San Diego, and here is where it gets tricky because people don't know Mira Mesa but people know La Jolla so i always say just outside of La Jolla. And she looks super astonished and she told me she just moved from La Jolla last March. She lived on 400 Prospect street! I know where that is! I thought that was really cool. Turns out while i was on that exchange my companion got attacked by a dog. And not just any dog, a German shepherd. They didn't get hurt because they just kicked it every time it came to attack but still..... I missed out on something super thrilling.

     Last but not least yesterday we got a call from a man named J**** F**** and he wanted us to come by because he needed someone to talk to and because he wasn't feeling good. So we went by and started talking with him and turns out he is 58 and he doesn't have a whole lot longer to live. he looks older than Grandpa Dahlberg (sorry Grandpa.) He told us about how he has been making doughnuts since he was 9 and that he wished he didn't work his life away. He has a lot of regrets and mistakes that he wished he had learned from but we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and he really liked that. We are going to stop by later this week and talk to him about it a lot more. This upcoming week i am going to be teaching gospel principles about Prophets and that's all i can think of atm... We're just trying to get used to this whole new area and how much different and loud it is compared to Bath.
Kitchen area

Study / living area
Upstairs bedroom area

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