Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Wow! This past week was so crazy and hecktik!  aye ya yay! (sometimes I have to leave his spelling original...  haha)

Well, I will begin with Monday. We started off with going out to lunch with Taylor Cole. He is the Pro baseball player in our ward (Pitcher for the NH AA Team, Fishercats) and we had fun talking with him and hanging with him for a little bit.
Then we were honored to have the mission Presidents Permission to go out of our mission boundaries and go to the Mormon Tabernacle Concert down in Boston.  (They got to take their investigator, Joan with them.)  

At first I was just excited to leave the mission and see Downtown Boston and just see new sights. But being in the concert I really started to like the concert just as much as the new sights. They did a great job singing and I think they are much better live than you see on General Conference.

 On Tuesday we had a large missionary meeting and Elder Gray and I were the drivers back up to Maine and I drove the way up and down because I wanted to practice my driving skills. I counted a total of 14 hours of me awake and literally sitting at attention that day. It was fun and I recommend that if you ever want to get to know someone really well, go on a car trip with them. The real you comes out in those long car rides! 

On Thursday we got to meet with one of our investigators named Cody D****.  He is struggling with depression and wants to learn more about our church. He is very content with being a catholic and he just wants to meet with us to learn what we are about and why we are different. As most people know, we are different because we believe that God is still speaking to us today though a modern prophet and through answers to our personal prayers. We told him about the Book of Mormon and where it came from and we had Taylor Cole come with us to the lesson. Taylor served his mission in Toronto Canada so he enjoyed being a member missionary for our lesson. 

Our Meet the S'Mormons activity on Friday night turned out well. Not too many people but not too little of people either.  I would say 50 people attended and maybe a total of 5 non Mormons were there. It was great being able to be one of the event planners where I was the one helping with all the behind the scenes stuff. I enjoyed getting it all put together and I may look into doing that as a job in the future, who knows. I would like to be part of the pre event planning and advertising. I enjoyed going around and promoting the video because you can put your energy into it and get people excited. The after event planning is taking down chairs and all the excitement is gone and so are all the S'Mores! 

Our transfer calls came and as I knew it, Elder Gray is going home so in 2 days he will hug his mom and play some Foosball against his dad and go rock climbing down in St. George Utah. And as for me, I am staying in this area and will receive a Junior Companion. What that means is I will be a solo Zone leader. (First one in the mission) I'm pretty excited to be the solo Zone leader and hope that my new companion and I can have a fun time while working hard here in Manchester/Bedford. 

I will get my new companion tomorrow morning around 11AM and head off to work. 

As for the rest of my day today, I will be picking up missionaries and bringing them to our apartment and since there are 24 new missionaries coming into our mission tonight, 8 of the new missionaries will be staying in our apartment! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!! WOOOHOO. 

I would say that is a benefit to being assistants to the assistants!

We definitely don't have those around here!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

June 29 We got to help at a cool old car show!!!

This was a pretty normal week. Nothing super crazy happened and we were pretty happy to have air conditioning in our apartment, because it is starting to get really really humid and muggy.

 But Something cool that happened was that we got to help the Bedford Community by setting up and preparing for the Car show that happened this past Saturday. We set up tables and manned the front desk where we collected fees and gave information. We also got to walk around and see all the old cars and cool people that owned them.

Last week I mentioned something about me singing at a funeral. Well turned out that while we were practicing and preparing to sing for the crowd, that the director looked to my companion and I and asked us very kindly if we would mind not singing. haha. We were more than happy to be kindly booted out of the group. And it turned out great because the sister missionaries in our ward are great singers so the song sounded amazing. 

I am not vocally talented and i was only singing because i had a willing heart.

The building we are doing emails in just had the fire alarm go off and we had to evacuate the building... So ill send pictures...

Here's what happens when you give the missionaries a half watermelon...

They are sooooo silly!!!
On exchange with Elder Flores

All Smiles!!!  Elder Dahlberg

June 22 My body is much better now!!

Drew and his favorite book buddy...

Well, this week we were not able to find 5 new people to teach... We did a lot of service and trying to find people to teach, like tracting and street contacting and just asking around but didn't get anyone that was super interested. Normally we get at least one person who lets us in and is willing to hear what we have to share. But that's okay. We still got to help random people move boxes to and from U-hauls and bring groceries in and all that random good stuff that we do.

We coordinated with our Ward Mission leader this past Wednesday and we set up a missionary oriented activity for July 10th at 6:30 PM. We came up with an activity where you watch a movie and have s'mores. We named it Meet the S'Mormons, but we later came to find out that our Ward mission leaders wife didn't like the name so it just got changed to Meet the Mormons +dessert night... I am still bummed we didn't get to keep the name but it will always be that name in my heart. So wish us luck on that activity!!!

We are bringing Cole Nimmo (A young man going to Maputo Mozambique on his mission) out with us teaching. He taught 2 lessons to investigators and helped us with service! he is a great kid and i know he will rock it out there in Africa!

A big highlight from my week was just being a good person to the community. We didn't get to teach a lot of lessons about Jesus Christ, but we were great examples of Him. That is my favorite part about the gospel actually. I enjoy being a righteous/honest example of Jesus Christ way more than knocking on peoples doors asking them if they would like to hear a message about Him. I love to serve people and i know this quality will stick with me forever. Even after the mission.

That is it for this week. Our baptismal dates are Joan B**** and Tyler D**** on July 11th.

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

A cool fish pond behind Joan's house.

On a hike for P-day