Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June 29 We got to help at a cool old car show!!!

This was a pretty normal week. Nothing super crazy happened and we were pretty happy to have air conditioning in our apartment, because it is starting to get really really humid and muggy.

 But Something cool that happened was that we got to help the Bedford Community by setting up and preparing for the Car show that happened this past Saturday. We set up tables and manned the front desk where we collected fees and gave information. We also got to walk around and see all the old cars and cool people that owned them.

Last week I mentioned something about me singing at a funeral. Well turned out that while we were practicing and preparing to sing for the crowd, that the director looked to my companion and I and asked us very kindly if we would mind not singing. haha. We were more than happy to be kindly booted out of the group. And it turned out great because the sister missionaries in our ward are great singers so the song sounded amazing. 

I am not vocally talented and i was only singing because i had a willing heart.

The building we are doing emails in just had the fire alarm go off and we had to evacuate the building... So ill send pictures...

Here's what happens when you give the missionaries a half watermelon...

They are sooooo silly!!!
On exchange with Elder Flores

All Smiles!!!  Elder Dahlberg

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