Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Well this week has been pretty exciting. This past weekend we had stake conference and it covered all of southern Maine so people drove 2-3 hours for this thing. There were 2 sessions. A Saturday night session and a Sunday session. I got to attend both and the Saturday session was held at the Topsham building which is our normal building we go to for church. It is a nice building except for the parking. There wasn't enough parking to fit the whole stake so they needed people to stand outside the building and direct the traffic to other parking lots. And guess who volunteered!! THE MISSIONARIES! I was outside the building telling people where to park and dealing with all the hooplah that goes on when people are confused.
Elders Dean & Dahlberg directing traffic for Stake Conference

     After arriving 30 minutes late to the meeting because we were helping with traffic we finally got to sit down and listen to the speakers. But we were in the way back and the microphone wasn't loud enough for us to hear it with out putting 100% of our attention to hearing. So to say the least we didn't hear a whole lot. But the Sunday session was much better. It was held in Westbrook which is near Portland (most populated city in Maine). It was held at a middle school.... I know what your thinking.. A middle school?? Well this wasn't your ordinary middle school, this thing was HUGE!! it was a performing arts school and it was like brand spanking new. Tile floors, flushless toilets, they even had enough money to build a fake tree out of wood! How cool is that! It was pretty pointless but hey when you have money and you want style why not do it? The middle school had a huge auditorium that seated about 1500 people and it was sooo nice.

    What also was nice was the conference itself and how good the speakers were. There was a member of the Boston Temple presidency and he spoke about the temple and that was powerful because he said that Jesus Christ himself has walked the halls of the Boston Temple with his resurrected body. I thought about that statement a lot and I believe that He really did. Than i went on to think about where else in the world Jesus has walked and that opened my imagination to a lot of different places. I started getting ridiculous and wondered if He went to six flags and rode a roller coaster and if He has ever been to Marine Street. Haha i know im pretty ridiculous aren't i?
     Anyways about our interviews with President Stoker, we were the last companionship to be scheduled and he ran out of time so we didn't get to be interviewed at our appointed time. Instead we did the interview after the Saturday session of stake conference and than the Stokers gave us door to door service and gave us a ride home! Not many missionaries can say they got brought home by the mission president haha. Also at the meeting i found out there are 210 missionaries currently serving in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission.

there is me and a cool elder named Elder Childers. he is from Idaho
 and he loves to go to la jolla to skimboard. He has family that lives there.

And a missionary that looks a lot like Devin haha!
     Also this week it snowed and that was a bit of a surprise because the weather has been nice lately. So we were out walking with our snow shovels looking for someone who needed some help and a guy stops us and asks us if we needed or knew anyone that needed a carseat. The Borges family just had a baby so we were like yeah! we need the carseat. So we got the car and picked up the carseat and brought it to the Borges's and they were super happy. For service on Tuesdays we volunteer at the United Church of Christ at their free meal called the Neighborhood Cafe. And they were having breakfast for dinner so i was in charge of making the waffles. I couldn't stop thinking about the movie Shrek and when Donkey said "IM MAKING WAFFLES!"

     After service at the cafe we went over to a families house for a lesson for their foster kid C*** E***** This families name is the Hubbards and they don't have any kids of their own but they are taking care of a 13 year old boy named Chris and a little 4-5 year old named Victoria that i think they are trying to adopt if they haven't already. Chris likes the missionaries and we talk with him about his life and what he likes to do. He is into video games and pretty much is a normal 13 year old boy. We talked with him about his beliefs and he likes the idea of Reincarnation and the idea that when you die you can become something greater. We talked to him about what we believe and set up another time to talk about it because we were running late already. So this upcoming week we will talk to him about the Plan of Salvation and what we believe happens to us when we die. Im excited for that but we will be going over on Tuesday and im going on an exchange to yarmouth today till Wednesday so i will miss it. Chris is considered a new investigator so this week we finally were able to say we got a new investigator even though we have been meeting with him for a little while. That's all i got for now! Till next week!!!!

we were driving along the road and saw some cool icicle caves. not big enough to walk inside but i tried to get a selfie

this is a service project we did at sister youlands. She will make lots of quilts out of all these scraps. You should talk to her about your quilting experiences. Sister youland reminds me a lot of you haha. You both like the same things. Except i love you way more than sister youland. (sorry sister youland)

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