Monday, March 17, 2014

Desert Auction... (He means Dessert Auction!) from March 10th


(I kept some of the spelling intact so you could laugh a 

Obviously not many people know the trick about dessert having two s's cuz you always want more!!

Okay so this week was the big Free Annual Spaggetti Dinner and Desert Auction for the ward activity. it was actually the YM/YW fundraiser. Kind of like how we did the yard sale. they do this. So it was really fun because everyone was invited and we got served spaggetti and ceasar salad so i cant complain about that! Than the auctioning started where they would hold up a desert item like a chocolate cake for example and than people would start bidding for it. Elder Dean and I made peanut butter Fudge while we were at the Youland's and we submitted it and it got sold for $35! The item that got sold for the most was a mint brownie fudge cake. it sold for $105! That was a pretty crazy bidding war. People get competative and they really want it. Members of our ward gave us money and we totaled up to 60$ to spend for an item. We started bidding for a Lemon Marang pie. We got up to 60$ and than someone said 65 and we were like dangit! than i remembered i had a 10 dollar bill in my wallet and we yelled 70! and everyones eyes turned to us like "WHAT THE? WHERE DO THE ELDERS GET ALL THIS MONEY!" we won and got the lemon marang pie. We bought it for the sisters because they wanted it and we wanted to be nice. We sent out 10+ invitations to this activity and none of them showed up.. It was a real bummer but we had fun and got to talk to some people who aren't members of the church.

     Also this week we on Saturday while we were tracting some houses a car pulled up full of kids my age and they asked "are you handing out bibles?" and we walked over to them and said "pretty much yeah." and they had the window already rolled down and we handed in a Book of Mormon. they looked at it and asked if we had seen the play? we said no but we also said "no but i heard the book is even better" they laugh and start to drive away. While driving away i guess they opened up the book to see picture of Nephi and Lehi and Joseph Smith and they yell "Its a picture book! Its a picture book! Pictures! Pictures!" They were probably making fun of us but hey, they now have a copy of Another Testament of Jesus Christ in their hands! Lucky them!
     This Sunday i hit my 5 month mark of being a servant of the Lord and I feel like a semi seasoned missionary. I still make little mistakes here and there but i pretty much have it all down. While sitting in Sacramant meeting this past sunday the bishop got up after the youth speaker and since it was day light savings he said "well seems like our scheduled speaker forgot to turn her clock forward so........... (glancing around the congregation) Elder Dahlberg, would you speak about the first principles of the gospel?" All eyes turned to me and I stood up and straighten my suit coat and headed on my way to the podium. haha I was so nervous/ shocked. I had NO time to prepare anything but it wasn't all that bad because I had to talk about Faith and I related it the scriptures and the scripture Ether 12:27. I talked for 16 minutes about Faith. I was surprised at how fast the time went. I was pretty much winging it but apparently it was a good job of winging it because 20+ people came up to me after the meeting and thanked me for my talk and that it was very powerful. So YAY ELDER DAHLBERG.
     This Sunday we also received word that our Assistant ward mission leader who is currently fulfilling the WML's job because he moved, is now moving. Brother Rainey is moving to Oregon starting in May. So that made things interesting. He is also the Gospel Principles teacher.  Anyways. the weather has been doing great here! its been feeling like Spring and the sun is actually starting to provide heat. The trees still look dead and there are no buds on them but I've been told they will start to bud this week or the next so I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for being an awesome mom! I love you and I know you will be a great Gospel Principles Teacher! Visuals are key. they keep people interested. I know that because I'm one of those people ;)
Bath Iron Works
Kennebec River leading to ocean

 This company employs 8,000 people. Only 10,000 people live in Bath. Imagine if this shut down..

View of the Kennebec River 

This is the view of the back yard.  Then him sitting on the patio enjoying the sun.

the roof looked like it need some company :)

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