Thursday, April 24, 2014

Transferred to Bangor, Maine Old Town as of April 8, 2014 (Letter from April 14)

Good-bye Elder Dean
Hello Elder Beck

 So here is whats new in my life as a missionary. I am now attending the Bangor ward and we split the ward with another set of Elders. They cover all of Bangor and, I have a new companion named Elder Beck. He is a Cowboy from Utah. Dont be fooled about the cowboy title. You can still be wicked cool and awesome even if your a cowboy. He loves horses and trucks and guns. We get along so well and to be completely honest he is my favorite companion so far. We have so much fun together its crazy.

     So i am also living in a new apartment. I live in a town called Old Town and something funny about where i live now is I live in a pretty older town (Duh!) and it smells like poop. Seriously. It smells like poop because the mill (Where all the people work) burns their trash and it just smells ridiculously bad. Best example i can give is on a hot day at the mmwll baseball fields and you really had to go to the bathroom at the portopotties but someone was already in there. So your waiting there and the person finally gets out and you quickly go in. At that first moment when you go in where you smell the poop, that is how bad it smells in Old Town. Sorry if its graphic but that is the BEST example i can give of how bad it smells here.

View from Old Town apartment--day time
and a pretty sunset!


     Also serving in this new area we are super busy. This past week we have been soo busy that only one time this week we were able to get into the apt by 9PM. We have been out doing the work of the lord. In this new area we also are in a car share with the other elders in this ward. During the days where we dont have the car we are out biking. Its the first time i have biked on my mission and it was pretty fun. Im not going to lie, but i almost got hit by a car and if it werent for my past experiences out biking in San Diego i would have gotten hit.   (We Moms don't like to hear these things...)

Elder Silly Boy on his bicycle

     Our service that we do here is in Thrift shops and in food pantries which is really fun because you get to see some of the UGLIEST CLOTHES ON EARTH, yet for some reason i want some of them :) Also this upcoming week we have a lot on the schedule. This tuesday we are having zone conference so that means i will get to see president Stoker. Than after that i am going on an exchange in Lincoln Maine till wednesday, than on friday the ward is having a lasagna bake off and guess who the judges are......... The missionaries!!!!

I know you have a lot of questions that i didnt answer. (I tried to answer all of your questions the best i could) But if i didnt you know your more than welcome to ask them.

My new address is
190 Brunswick St Apt 8
Old Town, Maine, 04468

Kissy face totem
You'd think there was some sort of rivalry...

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