Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zone Conference didn't turn out so well... But Easter did!

     HAPPY EASTER!!! I had a great Easter even though i didn't spend it with my immediate family. We spent it at a families house called the Macdonalds. She is a Less-Active whose husband isn't a member. he loves to cook and he cooked us an Easter Linner. (Lunch+Dinner). He made a Ham soaked in Tangerine juice, with potato salad, carrots, homemade apple sauce, AND DEVILED EGGS!!!  (Drew LOVES Deviled Eggs!)Those eggs just make the meal. I ate a good 6 or 7 of them and i tried not to be a hog. Haha

     Also this week on Tuesday we had zone conference and we learned all about how to improve our teaching skills and how to be professional looking. We have a very importance message to share and we have to walk the talk and look the part. Apparently the food they provided at zone conference which was just little sandwiches and fruit salad was poisoned!! Because out of the 20 missionaries in our zone 10 of them got food poisoning and my companion was one of them. So he wasn't feeling too good the next couple of days after. After zone conference i went on an exchange to a town called Lincoln. Its way up there in Maine and for the first time on my mission i saw some MOUNTAINS!! (Well, i say mountains because i want to be nice to the local Mainers but they are actually hills) Also while i was there it snowed that night and it snowed a good 3 inches in APRIL!

View of the Mountains (hills...) near Lincoln, Maine

This week we also helped a lady move out of our ward to move into the Brewer ward which is the other ward but meets in the same building as we do. But by doing that service we missed a ward activity called the lasagna bake off that i was somewhat looking forward too but we arrived just in time to help clean up :) Mosiah 2:17.

This upcoming week the missionaries in our zone are helping out with Youth Conference. This youth conference is for all the youth in the whole state of Maine so i feel honored to be able to be a part of it. Elder Beck and I are going to be teaching 4 lessons combining to a total of 2 and a half hours of teaching time. So with all that teaching comes lots of preparation so this week we will be doing a lot of preparing and stuff. the youth conference covers all of Thursday Friday and Saturday. That's all i have for now. I had a great Easter and I'm glad to be a missionary at this time of year.

Too bad they're not having any fun!  
 (Someone texted this to Timmy.  I'm assuming it was a kid at the Youth Conference...)

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