Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting to know the new area--Brunswick, ME

For those just tuning in, last week, the mission president had the Sisters in the Topsham Ward switch areas with the Elders, so I asked about the car sharing schedule...

    Our car schedule flip flops. We now have the car from Friday to Monday and the sisters have it during the week. The weather has been crazy this past week. One day its 60 degrees. The next day it is hailing storms and giving us 2 inches of ice. No thunder or lightning :( i wish it did that. I am kind of liking my new area . It's in the same ward and that is all the same except our teaching pools switched so i need to get used to all new investigators and less actives. so we are trying to get all that figured out but hey, that's part of the missionary struggle right?

     My first official week in the new area of Brunswick. This is a college town because Bowdoin college is right inside the town. The downtown of Brunswick is full of expensive little restaurants and gelato shops and clothing stores for tourists. The most popular street is called Maine Street and i find it pretty funny because they used their state name in the street name. This past week our teaching efforts have been mostly on sick members of our ward and Less-Actives. Because of the sudden switch with the sisters all the people we teach got all swapped around and the investigators we are now in charge of were hard to get a hold of. So hopefully this upcoming week we will at least have met with them and have found out the best way to help them progress.

     This past Sunday i taught Gospel Principles. I taught about Prophets and half way through teaching i stopped the lesson and had everyone answer this question "Who was the first prophet on the earth?" and if they got the answer right i gave them a thin mint, (The girl scout cookie). Also this week we went around to a lot of places to look for service because we need another place to do service other than soup kitchen once a week. We tried the humane society where they keep the dogs and cats to be adopted but they needed a huge long application process and a seminar to learn and we don't have the time for that. We also tried a salvation army but they did the same thing as the humane society. We are still up in the air as to where we can find service. But while we were out looking for service i found a Maine license plate and i am keeping it because i want to try and get a license plate from every state that i serve in. I thought that would be cool.

     On Saturday we were driving along a road to go to a members home for a lunch and we passed Lisbon high school and the sign told us it was 60 degrees outside. I just about dropped dead right there. I rolled down the window as fast as i could and stuck my face out and enjoyed the sunshine. It was quite marvelous to be honest haha. But that night it rained all night and than hailed all day so the weather isn't like that anymore... sadly.
this is the best picture of them all. I cherish this picture!!!!!!!

     This past ward council, we challenged all the male leaders in our ward to take us out with them home teaching in the month of April. So we hope to get calls from them because they seemed excited about that offer. Which doesn't happen very often in ward council. Another exciting thing that happened this week was that we finally were able to vacuum our apartment. When we arrived in this new apartment it was full of girl hair and the vacuum was actually broken. So we guessed that the floor hadn't been vacuumed in ages. So we called the financial assistant at the mission office and asked if we could buy a vacuum and he said yeah. So during our lunch hour we bought a vacuum at walmart and vacuumed our whole apartment. We picked up over 5 lbs of dirt and almost a full head of girl hair. We found blonde strands, gold strands, brown strands, black strands, and even a couple of orange strands. We now have a cleaned out apartment and the floors are actually visible because of our vacuuming job.

     In our apartment the heat only goes off on the 1st floor. So in the apt there are little vents in the middle of the 2nd floor so that the heat can get into the upstairs room. So we took out the metal vents and i put my feet in the floor haha. Cool huh?

     Oh and mom i really like the picture book you made. I look at it pretty often and laugh at the fun times we have had. Thanks for making that for me. it was the best delayed birthday present i have ever had!!!!!

 That's all i have for now. I am looking forward to general conference and hope that you can watch the prophet testify of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

THANKS! Talk to you next week.!!!!

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