Monday, April 7, 2014

First official transfer... to who knows where???

Side note:  I helped our Sister missionaries teach an investigator about the Plan of Salvation on Friday evening.  While talking about General Conference weekend, I invited him to come over to our house to watch the Saturday morning session with our family...  this is the reply I got from Elder Dahlberg...

"And about the MP lesson. I bet those sisters were so happy that you invited him. When members do that for us it means so much because the members can do SO much more for the investigators than us in terms of fellowshipping. SO GO MOM!!! Just know that those sisters probably went home going "Sister Dahlberg is so awesome!"

     Wow so this week has been full of activities and it flew by so fast! Watching conference was really great and being able to actually enjoy conference made it that much better. I think i enjoyed it because it was finally a time where i could rest and just get my spiritual batteries recharged because as a missionary you are focused on other people and their spiritual needs, but this time i could just focus on me. It was great and my favorite talk was Elder Eyring's in Priesthood session about Heroes. Very good talk.

    This week was full of food first off. For meals this week we got PAMPERED!
Monday- Member took us to an Indian Cuisine named Shere Punjab and let us get any kind of Curry we wanted.
Tuesday- I made a fruit salad with grapes, kiwi, banana and apple and then we were invited over to a members house for dinner of chicken and rice.
Wednesday- We had district lunch and went to a Mexican place called Pancho Villa. (Definitely not as good as SD Mexican food!)  Elder Dean and I got a $20 burrito named Burrito Macho.
Thursday- Our ward mission leader took us to Panera bread and bought us bread bowls and fruit cups.
Friday- the Youlands fed us spaghetti and meatballs and than she made us little banana bread muffins that i absolutely love.
Saturday- the Elders quorum took us out to Five guys for dinner and then after priesthood session we got taken to Wendy's for a frosty.
Sunday- In between sessions the ward had a potluck lunch and that was really good and than after the Derr's had us over for dinner and we had super yummy salads and homemade cheesecake. Yeah i think i gained a couple of pounds this week.

Burritos Macho... before...
and after...

... and then after that....

     Other than the food this week we were able to finally meet with an investigator of ours and we gave him a large print of the Book of Mormon. This man is 78 and has bad eye sight. His name is Raymond and he is interested in our church and what we believe. So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. Also this week we helped out with J*** F***** again. He called us up because we told him to call us if he needed us and so he did. He called us and needed us to help him vacuum his floors and do his shopping at Wal-mart because if he were to do it it would take all week because he is so slow. So he drove us to Wal-mart and let me tell you, if a man can barely walk, that doesn't mean he can drive. Yikes he almost crashed multiple times and i was in the front seat because Elder dean beat me to the back seat haha. Well we did that for him and while he was driving to got our attention and sincerely told us "Guys, it will feel so good when this is all over." He than repeated himself saying it again. He is in so much pain, here are a list of his problems: Gout in knees toes and fingers, diabetes, neck muscle spasms, and severe mental issues. He is in a lot of pain and we try our best to help him.
     Also this week i was on an exchange and the meeting spot to exchange back was in Portland and we didn't have the car so we had bro Rainey drive us and we arrived earlier than expected and we were already in the area and he took us to see the Portland head light house. That is the most famous light house in Maine and i can tell why. It was beautiful to see. Mostly the wide expanse on the ocean but the light house was cool too :)

Elders Hales & Dahlberg
Portland Head Lighthouse

     And I am also getting transferred... As far as i know about where im going is that tomorrow morning at 6:45am Elder dean and I are to arrive at the Farmingdale chapel and elder dean will pick up his new companion and i will get into the Bangor Elder's ride. I don't know where the Bangor elders are going but based on what time we have to be there im guessing we are driving down to transfer meeting which is Manchester New Hampshire, which means if i am going to transfer meeting i will be serving in a different state than Maine. So that is my prediction. Tomorrow, i will either go up to Bangor or go to transfer meeting. So that is all the news i have for today. Don't send anything to 1 cedar st because after tonight i wont be living there anymore haha.

District Picture April 2014

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