Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This was the first week on my mission where i got "boxed" all week. (from May 5, 2014)

 This was the first week on my mission where i got "boxed" all week. That means when i open the mail box and all i see is nothing but the inside of the mail box. AKA no letters. But whatever i can survive till Sunday. This picture is of a banana bread i made with the recipes you gave me. its the easy one. We didn't have a bread loaf pan so i used a cake pan. It was really good!!!!

Hopefully this letter comes out well because i feel kind of funny today. Not super focused because i didn't get a good nutritional diet this past week. Lots of just random food given to us by members and you cant just deny food when your at someones house so yeah. Speaking of food, this week we had a district lunch at olive garden and got the unlimited soup and salad and bread sticks. One things about this week was that this week was the first time where Elder Beck and I were able to take our own hour for lunch. This whole transfer has been so busy full of lessons and lunches with members that we haven't had our own time to eat what we want and relax, so that felt good. Also i was able to talk to brother Stinson because he was bringing us to help us move a member into our ward. Bro. Stinson is a cool guy and he is the type who doesn't like to waste time and i admire that in people because it means they are NOT LAZY! But we are 5th or 6th cousins.

(I realized that we had some Stinsons in our family line who originated from Maine before moving to Minnesota in 1848.  He said that they had a brother Stinson in their ward!  So, we emailed and discovered our link... my 6th great grandfather (his 5th great grandfather...) a man named Robert Stinson, who was born in 1736!!  So, distant cousins, but cousins nevertheless!) 

Also this week we had a lesson with a less active family, the S****** and we taught them in a members home. The members name is the Nuttalls. (Bro Nuttall served his mission in this mission, pretty cool) After our lesson they both went and played baseball at the local baseball field and elder beck and i had somewhere else to go but we told them we would stop by. So we did and they said to take a couple swings so i did and turns out i still have it haha. I hit some homeruns :)

On another note we lost 2 of our investigators this week because one of them, John (college kid) is going back home and will no longer be living at UMaine, and the other investigator named Kent dropped us because he will be moving to Washington D.C this month. But I want to tell you a little about the investigators we do have.

1. B**** and Z**** R******* B***** is in his 30s  and lives with his Less-Active member girl friend and they had a child together. Z**** is his 9 year old kid from his previous marriage/relationship. They struggle with a lot of trials and are working to get things all fixed.
2. B**** P******- Husband to a member and is currently attending UMaine to get his PhD in Marine Biology. Around his late 20s and has been investigating the church for 3+ years. His hold up is that he doesn't fully believe there is a God so its really hard to teach him when he doesn't fully believe in a supreme creator.
3. S*****- Single Mother in her late 20s and she is attending UMaine and we are still teaching her about the Restoration of the church.
4. P**** and B****- Older couple married for 48 years and not necessarily looking to join the church but they do have some interest. Haven't come to church or really anything so we will see what happens with them.

It felt like we had more investigators than that but when you have to drop some and some drop you it seems to change quickly. Do you have any questions for me because im all out of idears.

(I asked him if he needed more trail mix, one of his favorites...)

I would never decline trail mix haha. But the part that's hard is that we are never home so even if i have healthy stuff at home i cant go get it because we are doing back to back lessons at peoples houses. So i just have to hope for the best and hope the members aren't in "the fast food mood" haha.

(How about I try for a bag of just almonds this time.  You can carry those around without them getting all smushy and melty like the M&M's might get.  Sound good?)


(OK, dude... Almonds it is...)

We got everything arranged for the Mother's Day Skype...  Yippee!!

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