Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am enjoying my mission so much, i never knew i would be enjoying it this much.

We were able to Skype with Elder Dahlberg for about an hour Sunday evening...  We even "facetimed" his friend DJ.  Talk about use of technology!!! 

After that Skype call i was so motivated to do missionary work. That is a much different feeling from the Christmas Skype. After that one i just wanted to go home. But its so much different now. I am enjoying my mission so much, i never knew i would be enjoying it this much. But my feeling might change in a week because Elder Beck might get transferred. Transfer calls are this upcoming Saturday and i hope Elder Beck and I get to stay together for another one because i love that kid to death. He is by far my favorite companion.  I am enjoying my mission so much, i never knew i would be enjoying it this much. I'm attaching pictures i took right after getting home from the Skype call. I wanted to show you how tired i was. This past week we did so much service and physical labor to last me the whole transfer. Plus we had to wake up at 5:30 to go to church since our ride needed to get there that early.

(He doesn't look that tired to me...!)

This week we did a whole lot of biking around and going from project to project from lesson to lesson.

After...  (They got to use sledge hammers!!)

 I also went on an exchange with a missionary who is going home in a week. I learned a lot about myself this week because i am beginning to see what i want to become by the end of my mission. Something funny that happened this week was when Elder Beck and I had to start biking to UMaine to meet with John our 19 year old investigator. We started out biking and i wanted to jump off the curb a little bit and so i did but the chain snapped as i did it and i flopped onto the ground. I fell off the bike and flopped on the floor and the way i landed reminded me of a dance move called the worm. I pretty much did the worm when i fell. I got back up on my bike and i wasn't physically hurt but my pride got shot down hard. Haha

Also along with this nice spring weather that is coming in all the trees are starting to go green and the sun is shining making everything nice. BUT!!! When you are in Maine and it all seems perfect, you're missing something because perfect never happens. When its super nice outside be careful because along with the sun comes huge bugs and gnats. I have seen some beetles the size of my thumb already and people are telling me to just wait until summer. :( awh man can i just enjoy the sun and feel perfect? (Nope, you're not in San Diego any more...!!)
Wednesday- we have to drive to Skowhegan to visit the doctors than hopefully have a lobster dinner with homemade ice cream at a family called the Macdonalds.
Thursday- District meeting and than after that we are helping the Sargents put on brakes for their car.
Friday-member meal with the Rodrigueses. young family that is really cool. (I really enjoy going to member meals with younger families because the kids make it so much fun)
Saturday- Dinner with B**** and Z**** plus a lesson.

This week we got a new car. Its a 2014 Toyota Corolla, with a touch screen system just like dads in his car. It has that brand new car smell and it smells great! plus the weather is really nice now and we can drive with the windows down which makes the car that much cooler :)

I hope you enjoyed this email and last nights Skype. I know i didn't specifically talk to you a whole lot but I hope you enjoyed the Skype call and i want to tell you that i love you and that you are doing GREAT on the WEIGHT! I am seriously so proud of you. I showed pictures of you to the other missionaries bragging how you lost 60 pounds already. Love you Mom!!!!!

Bangor Old Town Zone??

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