Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

     So this week was FULL of service! A member of the ward needed to start getting firewood for this winter because these winters are so dang cold. But the way he gets them is by picking up the leftovers or rejects from the logging companies. So to get them we drive all the way out into the boondocks where theres nothing but trees and random people who enjoy their privacy and live off the land. So we took all the dirt back roads and because it rains a whole lot in Maine we hit lots of mud puddles. So technically we went off-roading and hit lots of dirt bumps and it was really fun haha. We also encountered a large snapping turtle and we slammed on the brakes and ran out of the car to pick it up. I got pictures with it.

Samples of the local signage!

Snapping Turtle found along the way...

     Another service activity we picked up was while we were out tracting and  this younger looking lady was outside spreading hay on her lawn and we offered to help and to our surprise she said yes. So we helped her and asked if there is another time we could come back and help her out some more so she invitied us back to help her paint her porch. That took about 2 hours but we did it and left her with a family proclamation and our number. She might call us up again to help but you never know.

     Also this past week we have been going over to a Less-Active family called the Sargents. (You will hear about them alot because we help them alot.) Every night we try to go over and help them read scriptures as a family. We can tell a difference in their family when we do it. They also came to church this sunday which was really awesome!!!

     Elder beck and I were going through the potential investigators and we found one named Paul and we met up with him and he is a gun enthusiast! He loves guns. He isnt all that interested in our church but he likes what we as missionaries go out and do. We did not shoot any of the guns but i couldn't help but ask if i could get a picture holding some of them.

Great!  Just how I picture my missionary...

     The weather is getting much better here and its raining about 3 or 4 times out of the week. Which is better than 7 out of the 7 days haha.  Thats all i have for this week, if you have any questions for me feel free to email me!

Much love
Elder Dahlberg

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