Monday, June 16, 2014

It's raining, it's pouring... Let's go puddle jumping! (From June 9th)

     This week wasn't the best week ever because on the day where we had to give the car to the other elders, the weather decided to rain non-stop. And that day we had great plans set up where we would go teach the restoration to a potential investigator and then have a dinner. We walked the 2+ miles in the down-pouring rain to his house to find out he wasn't there. So we were "oh we're okay we have some back up plans, lets go stop by some members in the area and teach them about the restoration." Turns out both member families that lived in the area were either not home or the husband wasn't home so we couldn't go in. So, to be effective missionaries we decided to walk and try and contact a referral we were given and turns out he wasn't home either. All while the rain was down-pouring and getting all over us. I wasn't in the best of moods and I realized I couldn't stay in that nasty mood so I decided that the puddles on the side of the road were my best friends. haha! As we walked I tried to get as wet as possible.

Yep!  They look pretty wet!

     Other than that day our week was pretty good. This past Saturday, the 7th we helped the stake by volunteering at the Special Olympics and helped line up the athletes in the proper heat and lane. A female athlete decided to take my hand in hers because she needed "help" walking, when both she and I knew she could walk perfectly fine without holding my hand. Haha! They are fun to be around. We were given bright orange shirts as a result of helping out there which is awesome!!

     We also caught a Less-Active member of our ward who is never home, at home and set up a time where we could help him install insulation. We did that this past Friday, the 6th. I learned how to put up insulation and I also learned that after you're all finished you're itchy as can be! I was so itchy because of the fluffy stuff in the insulation. This member is never home because he is a business managing consultant in urban areas. And as you may know Maine is NOT an urban area. So he travels to all the busiest cities in the world to do his job. This past month he was in Philadelphia, Tokyo and Honolulu twice. He has been to 34 countries and 49 states. Guess which state he hasn't been to? North Dakota! I wonder why he hasn't been there?

     Also this past week we cleaned our apartment really nice and got out the AC unit because its starting to get really hot here in Maine. I saw the temperature get up to 96 degrees. Honestly I didn't mind it and would much rather it be above 80 than below 0.

 Yikes!  101 degrees!  That's pretty hot!  (Plus it's HUMID!)

$.41  It pays to clean your apartment!

 On Sunday, the Sargents came to church for the 3rd week in a row and I've seen such a good change in them since we have been going over there every night for family scripture study.

     This is really random but when we were driving along the road I saw a sign that said BARN SALE and I started laughing hysterically!  I never thought I would see a sign like that and for some reason I couldn't stop laughing.

     There's a member of our ward who had us over for lunch.  He had a hot sauce made out of Ghost peppers and on the bottle it said that 1 drop is suicide. so I decided I wasn't going to do 1 drop..... I decided to fill one of the Frito's scoops with it. That stuff was really hot let me tell you. At one point I think I felt smoke coming out of my ears.

(He deserved whatever he got!!)

If you have any questions for me feel free to send me an email or a letter. That's all I can think of right now! Much love and all smiles here in Stinky, Old Town, Maine.

Elder Dahlberg

I'm fierce like a lion?
 (Does that mean anything to anyone??)

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