Monday, June 16, 2014

New Investigators!

     This past week was a VERY GOOD WEEK! We got 2 new investigators! That means 2 new people to teach. Their names are G**** and K****.

     G****-68 year old man who doesn't start drinking alcohol until 1pm, but likes to sleep in till 10. Loves buffets and loves cats. His favorite cat just died and he was all messed up about that. He has had some life threatening experiences that leads him to believe there is a God. So we talk about that.

     K****- Upper 30s, he is native american and is recently divorced. Single dad to 4 kids- 3 boys 1 girl and youngest is 2 oldest is 15. The 15 year old smokes and seems to be into bad things. He is looking for a church that is family oriented and teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a very promising investigator and we know he has great potential. So for K**** we are going over to his house tonight to watch more about the Restoration. I'm excited for that.

     This week we also took an 18 year old named Jesse Gogan out on a mini mission. That is where he stays with us for 24 hours and acts as a missionary for the whole time. He is going on his mission to Riverside, California Spanish speaking and is leaving to the Mexico MTC on the 3 of July. While we were doing the mini mission he split his pants and had to use clothes pins (he means safety pins...) given to us by Sonya (One of our investigators). It was quite hilarious! haha. I have pictures to show how funny it looks.

     This Sunday we also were given the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles and then the primary children right after. We taught both about baptism and it was really fun to do it with the primary children. Also this past week we helped out Brother Gilmartin (Less-Active) with  insulating his garage again and than he fed us New York Strip Steaks again.

     This week we also did some service with a member of our ward named Brother Kill. He took us out to a potential investigators house who owns cows and horses and goats and stuff (same guy with the guns) We helped him fix a trailer and Elder Beck used his cowboy skills to cut the donkeys hooves and than he caught the horses so I could actually pet one for the first time in my life. I pet a Belgian horse. If you don't know what it is look it up on the internet. ITS A HUGE HORSE. I was so terrified to go near it because it could squash me like a bug.

     The weather here is ranging from the 50's to the 80's. So it's not too bad and it rains randomly. 1 minute the sun is shining and than you look up and a big bad grey cloud comes and it's raining and then it's sunny again.

     I was spoiled with food this week. Your going to think I'm on a vacation or in paradise or something.  I ate Lasagna, Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Toast, Pancakes, Homemade chocolate cake, Oreo Cake, Baked Potatoes and steak, New York Strip Steak, pork ribs and corn, and then one meal that was cereal. (Mini Wheats, yes mom I still love mini wheats, your little boy isn't all that grown up.)

That's all I can muster up this week. Hope you enjoy!!!

Love you all and Elder Dahlberg is doing great. ( Although i do kinda miss going surfing....)

Elder Drew wants YOU to write him a letter!!

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