Monday, July 7, 2014

I saw fireflies! From June 23, 2014

     Yes i got your card with writing on it. To be honest i could barely read it because of the hand writing. I don't want to sound like a mom or something, but YOU NEED TO WRITE NEATER! haha. I had a tough time reading it. But funny thing is that when i opened up the mailbox i saw a letter from you and..... your mom! She sent me one too and it was just like amazing having 2 letters at once. Also this week i got a letter from Claire Impey, and Brad Nolte. So i am really happy with the letters im getting! Yikes... your getting into more action than i am with dogs. Dogs bark at me all the time but they never come close to biting me. Although there have been some close calls haha but i can save those stories for another day.

     This week was pretty nice. It only rained 2 times over the whole week and the sun was shining all day everyday. Here the sun comes up around 4:30AM and goes down at around 9PM. So we literally get the whole day of sun. Its much better than the winter where the sun comes up at 8AM and goes down at 4PM. I am actually soaking up the sun and getting tan! Its awesome!

     This week we learned a new way to teach the restoration to people. To do it you need a restoration pamphlet and 7 minutes. We have to teach the restoration in 7 minutes using the pictures and testimony. We taught it to K***, and it went really well. He has lots of questions and they aren't ones to just pry and make us look bad, they are honest heartfelt questions and that is a sign of someone who wants to learn. So that is definitely a highlight of my week. Also this week we had interview with the Mission President. What i talked about with him was how he notices my upbeat and positive attitude and he really admires it and tells me to keep it up! I will keep it up :)

     This week we also helped the Sargent Family clean up their backyard. We are coordinating a ward activity of cleaning up the Sargents home and for us to prepare for that, Cleaning up their yard involved: Picking up trash, starting a fire and burning the trash, sorting metal and wood to take it to the dump, cleaning out a 15ftx15ft shed FULL of junk, building a garden box so she can plant her cukes (cucumbers, that's how the Mainers say it), Fixing their car battery because its not running well, getting all the dirt off their sidewalk so that you can actually see the sidewalk rather than dirt and weeds, picked weeds. There were a lot of activities that were done there.

     This week has had a lot of service in it and there was one activity that we did called a Community Dinner that went well. We were invited to the Old Town Community Dinner at the local catholic church and we arrived late because our interviews lasted longer than we expected. But we arrived and all the dinner was already done and people were leaving so i decided to do all the dishes for 100+ people (almost every single one was above the age of 70.) While we were doing the dishes people kept coming up to us and thanking us for being there and that we were such nice young men! One lady said "There is no better way to share your love of God than to walk in another church and do their dishes." I thought that was really cool. We even got sent home with left overs!

     Another cool thing that happened this week was when we were riding our bikes home from a dinner appointment, and it was on the bike path going from U Maine to Old Town. And the bike ride looks like  the picture i attached. It was dark and we see these random light flashes as we were riding. and So we stopped after seeing them over and over and turns out they were fireflies! That was so cool! I saw fireflies! I did not expect to ever see them, to be honest i thought they were a myth!
This upcoming week we are helping a young man in our ward with his eagle scout project and we are also helping with the Sargent family ward clean up. I want to thank all those who wrote a letter to me this week. They really helped.  If you have questions or anything that you are wondering about me let me know. I will tell you :) Thats all i have for now.

We went to a lake house last Monday. And as you can see in the picture we didn't touch the water for tooo long..... Okay i only got my ankles wet. Nothing bad happened. 
On the path to U. of Maine
The scenery one was taken as we were biking to a members house to help him put up insulation. We were biking along and i looked to my right and i saw this. I slammed on those brakes and said i NEED to get a picture of this because its so nice. This picture kind of reminds me of when we would go to the place where camino ruiz park is now and we would explore around there before the park was there. 
Here is Elder beck using his "Red-Beck" Ingenuity and getting the job done. haha if you want the job done quick let him do it. We were doing insulation for Brother Gilmartin again. 

Here is a rainbow that popped up yesterday.

Until next week!

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