Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer Time! (From June 30, 2014)

Good bye Brad & Zack
       So, im getting transferred. The way transfers work in our mission is on the last saturday of the transfer, you get a call from the Assistants to the President or the mission president if you are getting transferred out of the area. So if you dont get a call from them you arent getting transferred. Elder Beck and I got a call from President Stoker telling us both of us are being transferred and that sister missionaries are taking over our area and our apartment. Thats all the info we are given. Then on Sunday morning you get a call from the Zone leaders telling you your 'Travel Plans'. Elder Beck and I's Travel plans are to get picked up from our apartment at 4:30AM on Tuesday the 1st of July and Elder Beck will be dropped off in Dover Fox-Croft Maine and i continue in the car all the way to transfer meeting. So on tuesday i am going to do the 5 hour drive to Manchester New Hampshire to transfer meeting. Transfer meeting is where most of the missionaries who are being transferred go and are told who their new companion is and where they are going. This whole process is kind of like opening Birthday presents and the excitement level is really high. Im excited but also nervous and sad because Elder Beck and I got along so well and now DAHLBECK is getting split up :( But hey i knew it was bound to happen so i just gotta move on. #Tomoveonistogrow Anyways. 

     This past week we did lots of service for this area. A 15 year old in our ward named Casey Strong is doing his eagle scout project and its building a bridge at a pond. So we helped mix, haul, and place the cement for the posts and also helped build the bridge. I got really good at using a drill and drilling screws into wood. I calculated how much cement Elder Beck and I did and it was around 3800 lbs of dry cement not including water. So id say its about 5000 lbs total. It was really fun and tiring but we got most of the job done.

I'm assuming that there is a bit more work to be done...

     This week we also helped the Sargent Family cleanup their backyard of all the metal/wood junk. We hauled all the scrap/ junk metal to a recycling center and they paid us 125$ for all the junky metal. Id say that was great! We used that money to help pay for the removal of all the other junk in their backyard. Also this week we helped a member of our ward split wood and go out into the wilderness to find left over scraps from loggers.
  On a teaching side of things, K*** never came to church and he hasn't met with us recently which stinks. None of our other investigators really showed a whole lot of interest this week.... I think this area will enjoy having sisters. Maybe all the perfume they wear will help make Old Town smell better! hahaha i wont miss that part of Old Town. Well this is all i got this week. Just remember that on Tuesday at 4:30 AM ill be sitting in a car driving........ for a long time......  Anyways. thanks for your emails everyone!

The Sargent Family


The Louis'? (Sorry, not sure)

The District Missionaries

 The pond you see is callled Pickerell pond at the youth fish and game society out in the boonies of Maine.

Until next week!

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