Monday, September 21, 2015

News from Exeter, New Hampshire (August 31)

Well i am transferred to Exeter New hampshire. It is right next to Hampton Beach which is about 10 minutes away. So i am serving my last 6 weeks in an area where every morning there is a sea breeze and i can smell the ocean and the saltiness of it, as well as every 10th car there is a surfboard strapped to the top of it. President Stoker really wanted to test me by sending me here.

(He is in a trio this time.  His two companions are Elder Penverne from Orleans, France and Elder Gassman from Utah.)

There are 2 kids in our ward that are 12 years old and they like to surf and it was so awesome sitting in church and i saw those 2 sitting next to each other and they were talking about the waves they experienced this past week. I thought it was so cool to see some younger kids that liked to surf even though they are up here in new england.

The Exeter Area doesnt have alot of teaching going on and its been really rough trying to find someone new to teach and we havent found anyone yet, but we will.

Something we are focusing on this week is going out and serving other through service, like wood stacking or painting, or yardwork. We have a couple of appointments set up to help people so i can let you know next week how that went.

This upcoming week we have another big Meeting called MLC, Mission Leadership Council and during it i was asked to share 3 things that i wish i knew before my mission. I havent thought of them yet but i promise i will write you next monday as to what i shared.

We took some pictures in a graveyard because there was a full moon and we had too!!!!

So this is a picture of train tracks. It was taken from the side of our apartment. this is a transit train and goes at all times of the day and night. When we sleep at night we hear this train go by and it honks its horn and its SUPER LOUD! It shakes the building were in. Last night alone it came by 3 times once at 12, another at 2 and another at like 5:30. 

So that will be how i sleep for the next 5 weeks. LUCKY MEE!!!!

Until next week!
Elder Dahlberg

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