Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Holiday in the Mission! (from Sept 7)

This is his original group of missionaries from the MTC in 2013

 As you may know i only have 4 more Preparation days left. So that means i need to make every last email count right? I remember i would tell you about the 3 things i wish i knew before my mission that i shared at the big leadership training. Here they are.
1.) How true my patriarchal blessing is. (this is a website that tells you what one of those is.
-In my patriarchal blessing it tells me about how important keeping a record of my mission is, I can confidently say i did not miss writing in my journal a single day of my mission. I am 690 days strong and will continue to be strong until i finish my mission. I know that in those journals are stories that i can tell my kids and that my kids kids can look at them and laugh at how silly i can be as well as how much i learned over my mission.
2.) A mission is not only the best 2 years of your life, its the best 2 years for your life.
-I didnt know that a mission was going to change me. I thought i would go on a mission and than come home and continue to be the same person with the same view/perspective on life. That is so false. I have changed during my mission. I know what it feels like to have dwarfed goals and low expectations. I want to be successful in life and my mission has taught me how i can do that. I know what steps i need to take to remain faithful to God and my promises with him, as well as to remain successful and productive in this earthly life.
3.) I would love these people
-I remember getting my mission call to be in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission and i was a little disappointed that i wouldnt be doing anything wildly crazy and foreign and i wouldnt be in a different country. But i have found that the place doesnt matter because as a missionary im here for the people. I love the New England People as well as any other kind of people on this earth. I mean come on, if we are all children of God why not love every person? In the end they are your brother or sister. I have charity for people and i couldnt not have gained that had i not served a mission here for 2 years.

Those are the 3 things i shared in the big meeting and i wasnt nervous to stand in front of others because i knew that what i had to share was important and if i were to be nervous it would affect how i delivered my message. So i just chose not to be nervous or scared. I chose confidence instead 😁.

Elder Penverne at the Food Pantry
This week we also were able to do some community service in a food pantry as well as some yardwork and dejunkifying for a member of our ward. Doing the dejunking, we were helping a lady whose husband is not a member of the church. We got talking with the lady and she told us that she always fights with her husband and it hasnt been to great lately. We found out the next day that the husband was THRILLED at all the work we did for FREE and they did not fight one bit, instead he had a change of heart towards us and wants us to come help him with some more work if we can. WE AGREED!

This week we spent a good amount of time street contacting in Hampton sorta near the beach. we found alot of people would talk to us but the hard part was, getting them to care about God. Most if not all of them wouldnt even listen to us even if we were missionaries for whatever faith they were a part of. It was quite sad actually. We were able to hand out 7 book of mormons to people in 3 days. That is pretty good, but what i really hope for is that those people just become aware of their lifes and try to make things right between them and their Maker (GOD). Thats been a real struggle in this area.

We do have 2 investigators that we have been teaching for a while. their names are Eric and Vinny.
Eric is the boyfriend of a member of the church and he is willing to meet with us and is sorta curious about God and what the purpose of life is.
Vinny is an excommunicated member of the church just trying to overcome his word of wisdom problems and get a stronger relationship with God again.

P-day near the beach

Elder Gassman with a crab

This is the Atlantic Ocean!

Those are the big highlights from the week. Some of the leaves in the trees are starting to change and its starting to get a little more brisk in the evenings and mornings. So that means summer is coming to a close and fall is starting up. I am SO GLAD i wont be here for the winter. I REALLY REALLY didnt like the cold temperatures. It was really tough for me to endure these super long winters.

Thanks for any emails i get during the week. I can look at them. Feel Free to send me apicture of a highlight from this awesome Labor day. This is my LAST HOLIDAY of my mission!! CRAZY!!!!!!

Enjoy my pictures

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

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