Monday, September 21, 2015

Attention all of Elder Drew Dahlberg's friends and family!!

Hello, this is Mom Dahlberg letting you know what the basic timeline is for his coming home...

He will be dismissed from the Manchester New Hampshire Mission home on Wed, Oct. 7, 2015 at around 9 am.   Most of his fellow missionaries will be boarding airplanes to fly home, but I am going out to New Hampshire to pick him up!  At this point, he will still be considered a missionary (until he arrives home and is officially released by our Stake President, here in Penasquitos...)  I will be his official "companion" and must keep him with me at all times.  We will get into my rental car and drive up to Vermont to see the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial in Sharon, VT, then to some of his families from Ascutney, VT.  We will end that Wednesday at the home of the lady he went to visit on his very first day of his time in Maine,  Sister Mary Youland.  After getting some sleep and waking up to do our "daily exercise", we will drive up to the other areas in Maine where he worked and visit some of his other favorite families.  His trainer, Elder Taylor Lund, (who has been home from his mission for a few months now...) is going to fly out to Maine as well so that Drew will actually get to spend his first and last days of his mission with his trainer and the Youland family.  They are all family now...  It is very exciting to get to meet some of the people who were so wonderful to Drew throughout his mission.

On Friday, Oct. 9th, late afternoon, we will board a plane in Boston (Alaska Airlines flight 769) for a nonstop flight to San Diego, arriving at approx. 9:45 - 10:00 PM (That's at night folks, when it's dark outside, just to  make sure!)  Alaska Airlines flies into Terminal 1, so there is a large group preparing to meet him (us) at the area where the passengers come through from the gates (or closer to baggage claim to be slightly less obnoxious... your choice...) around 10:00 PM.  This is your opportunity to be really crazy with signs or fun lei's or whatever kind of fun thing you might like to bring...  He is STILL a  missionary, so he shouldn't be hugging girls yet... but Mom ladies are OK!

As early Saturday morning, Oct. 10th as we can make the appt, Elder Drew  Dahlberg will be released by President Ellsworth so he can go back to being "just plain Drew".  I'm sure he's hoping to catch some waves at that point, but I could be wrong...(not likely)

ANYWAY,  for your further information, Drew will be giving his "Homecoming" talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, Oct. 18th at 9:00 am (That's the morning, when it's light out!  haha)  We  haven't yet decided if we are going to have any kind of open house type thing yet, so we'll let you know if we do...

We would love to have anyone interested come to either of these events.  Elder Dahlberg has been working very hard during his two years and will be really happy to see his friends again!

Please call me, (Laurel) on my cell phone if you have any questions about when events might be.  858 945-4099


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