Monday, September 21, 2015

New England's biggest Beach Party (from Sept 14)

Here are some pictures of their apartment.  They have a ping pong table taking up most of the kitchen!  Plus, look at those beds all squeezed into that room!!

Well Guys... I only have 3 more letters after this one.

This week it really started to hit me that i will be going home after this transfer. The common thing for most missionaries to feel is that on their last transfer they just feel like its going to be another transfer to another area, to a new companion and they keep doing the normal missionary life. I had that feeling for a while until this week when people kept asking me how long i have been out on my mission and i tell them 23 months. They immediatly go "oh wow! YOu are so ready to go home!" So that didnt help. haha

But besides my trunkyness when people ask me about how excited i am to go back home to California. This week in our missionary work we were able to volunteer at New Englands biggest Beach Party. It was a seafood festival in Hampton beach where a ton of people come from all over to get the "best" fried seafood in the east coast. As volunteers we got to help with the traffic control and make sure people didnt get hit by cars. I really enjoyed that job because we were up close and personal with people and TONS of people asked about our missionary tags and what we represent. I alone talked with over 150 people that day. It was a great missionary opportunity.

This week after all of our efforts we werent able to teach that much, which was tough but its okay. We have alot ahead of us.

This week on Wednesday i will be having my missionary departure interview. I hear its all about marriage.... But we will see haha. I will let you know what its about.

I know i didnt write alot this week, but i promise to let you know how that interview goes next week!

Last week their entire district went to visit a lighthouse in Maine...

District picture near the lighthouse.
Craig tells stories about a little boy called "Fast Eddie" so this diner brought back memories...

On exchange with Elder Manning who celebrated his one year mark at this Sushi Bar.
All Smiles, 
Elder Dahlberg

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