Thursday, April 9, 2015

(March 23) Spring time is here... Not for New England yet...

(This is the program for Sunday Services.  Note the unique spelling of Dahlberg... haha)

This past week it snowed 2 times and it wasn't a lot but it still snowed. There were crazy high winds this week which made the temperatures just drop way low. For the first time on my mission actually I got frost bite this week. It was while we were out street contacting at 8:50 pm and the wind was just going at us about 25 mph winds and it was pushing us left and right. I came into the apartment and my face was burning and it felt a whole lot like a sunburn. Yup I got wind burn on my face... So even though the calender says spring... It's not..... yet.

Well this week we were able to teach 6 member present lessons and teach 6 Less Active lessons. It was a pretty high number week.

He's excited to see an actual "Mall"  haha

I will just mention some highlights of the week. Friday we had a zone conference where we got trained on chapter 8 in PMG. (Preach My Gospel, their training book...) It's about using your time wisely and how we should be making effective use of our time. Which I actually enjoyed. A lot of that meeting was talking about just doing the things you know, and not letting your laziness get in the way. So it was a big motivator. As a zone leader we got to train on planning and how important it is in our work. If we didn't plan out our days, we would NOT be as productive. If you plan out your day beforehand the day ALWAYS goes better/more productive than if you hadn't planned. (Obvious huh?)

Thursday we do service at a therapeutic horse facility. It is out of the city part of our area and we get to clean the horses stalls and refill waters and walk the horses to their outside coral! That was really fun and the volunteers trusted me with the most rowdy horse of them all. That was fun, seeing as I'm a city boy and I don't know anything about horses. I just took control of it and walked it out. It wasn't hard at all. Horses are pretty cool too, they each have their own personalities. I like the young male ones, they have the most energy and they keep you on your toes.
We can add "shoveling manure" to his list...

One night this week around 8:55 PM Elder Wadsworth and I had 5 minutes before we needed to go inside so we decided to put the old saying "tracting past 8 is unsuccessful" to shame. So we made the decision to just knock on one door. So we did and a man answered the door and only held the door open a little crack and says what do you want. And we tell him we are out sharing a message about families (with the family proclamation in our hands) he goes "Don't you know there is a meth house right behind you, it's too late to be doing this, don't ever do this again" He opened the door a little bit and shows his face and goes "If you are out doing this you never know what you're going to run into (after he said that he shows us that he had a baseball bat in his hidden hand and was ready to beat us to pieces if we were intruders) We told him sorry and that we were just doing one door and he said its okay and he is glad he was the one we knocked on and not the houses around his because they are all drug houses. haha So that was fun!

Almost everyday in our missionary work we take a member of our ward out with us. His name is Donald Richard. He is 49 and has never been married and has some disabilities. So we take him to our single women homes for appointments. He is a cool guy and we take him out almost every single day. We also bring other members as well, but he is the main one.

Our investigator Sarah V****, the single mother of 4 kids wasn't able to come to church this week and she is 'trying' to quit smoking. She has great intentions but she is just lacking the will power of just not smoking. We went over the other day and I wrote all over her cigarette packet, saying things like Elder Dahberg doesn't want you to do it. Don't do it! Jesus loves you! haha. Hopefully that will help, who knows...

Well that's all I can muster up atm. This upcoming week we don't have anything special so that means we can have a full week of hitting the streets and trying to meet up with all the investigators we have and the ones we have found that just seemed to have vanished.... (That happens all the time )

All Smiles, 
Elder Dahlberg

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