Monday, March 16, 2015

I am living in Manchester New Hampshire!

Elders Dahlberg and Wadsworth

Hello there fellow San Diegans... and Utahns,

So I got transferred!!! Now whenever you think of me think of me living in New Hampshire in a city setting (crazy to think about huh?) There are more buildings than trees in the part of the city that I'm in. I live in a city comparable to Chula Vista, and then if you drive out of the city for 15 minutes you hit homes that are comparable to Scripps Ranch. I am living in Manchester New Hampshire! Here's my address. (Google earth it! I dare you)
392 Dubuque St Apt 1
Manchester, NH 03102

So with being transferred that means I have a new companion and new apartment and new car and new ward and new everything pretty much! I have been changed around so many times on my mission it's not hard to pack up my bags any more and just leave. My new companion is Elder Nickolas Wadsworth! From Alpine Utah. He is one of 13 kids and he is actually younger than me! he is still 19 and he has been out on his mission for 20 months. He is super funny and we get along SO WELL! This upcoming transfer we are going to do great work and have fun while doing it. NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT!
Elder Wadsworth unloading the car behind their apt.

In our district we have 2 sets of sisters who are both in trios actually, we have us (The Zone Lord's) and we have the APE's and then the District Leader. So our district is full of leadership! Also something interesting about this area, We have the mission home in our boundaries and so we have President and Sister Stoker in our ward. So whenever they are in town on Sundays they will attend our ward.

Since I am now serving in a city setting rather than a boonier setting, life in the mission (in terms of actually going out and proselyting) is much different. We go out and street contact people and people actually talk to you unlike in Maine where they don't want you even looking at them as you walk up to them. We meet all sorts of people and they are not just white people! I love it! We have talked to Mexicans, Guatemalans, Italians, Asians, Indians, Napalee refugees, and Black/ African people. It's awesome and I enjoy doing it so much! It beats tracting anyday!

This week Elder Wadsworth and I found 4 new investigators! All from street contacting and tracting! See how much different the city is compared to the country! Also we are working with an investigator of ours named Sarah V**** (she is our main one and I will mention her the most) She is a single mother of 4 kids all under the age of 7. The kids are terrible! They don't ever listen and they love making messes. Since they have no male to be the discipline side of things they just run around like monkeys all day long. Its crazy at her house. We bring members with us to the lessons to help keep them calm. So far we are working with Sarah on quitting smoking and coffee. She wants to be baptized on April 11th, but I don't think that's going to happen because she won't come to church. And I don't want her to be baptized and than just fall off the face of the earth and never come again. She needs a testimony. Everyone who comes to church or is religious for that matter needs a PERSONAL WITNESS that what they are doing is right. If you don't have that, you should do what it says in the bible, the chapter of James 1:5.

That's how Joseph Smith did it, that's how I did it. But that's all I have for this week!
A member of their ward painted this for the missionaries apartment

I am really enjoying my time here in Manchester even though it's a really dirty city. I want to help clean it up some and make God the center-piece for the city!

Love you all and I got a letter this week wooohooo! Thank you (You know who you are)

All Smiles,Elder Dahlberg

Saying good-bye to the Subway crew that fed them on Mondays
The Verregge family
That's how he fits so much stuff in his suitcases... 
Look what he found by the side of the road... a snowboard??

Study area and strange kitchen layout...

I guess this is the bathroom AND the laundry room...

Since they are located near the mission home, their apartment has extra beds for visiting missionaries to sleep in. Kind of a crazy mess!!

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