Thursday, March 12, 2015


So this week it didn't snow one bit! LET ME TELL YOU HOW AWESOME THAT IS!! WOOOHOOOO!
A cool fact about this past February, is that in Maine it was the worst one they have ever seen. It was the worst winter ever recorded! New records on snowfall and cold temperatures! I totally felt it too. My hands were purple anytime I took one step outside. Even with electric heated gloves, my fingers still became numb. I can't imagine how the pioneers and old settlers of New England lived out here for so long. Maybe that's why they wanted to trek west so much because they were tired of all the cold and they were willing to risk their lives than stay here for it. Who knows..

Tuesday March 3rd,-  We had a couple of set lessons fall through on this day but it was still good. We drove down to Freeport, Maine to get Elder Redford checked because he felt pain in his chest. Turns out he has Costro Constritous. (???)  It's swelling in the chest. So he can't lift anything or workout in the mornings and that kills him because he is one dang hard worker! We also had a wonderful lesson with a person named Kyle. He is 19 and he was just at the Veregee's home (LA Members) when we stopped by. Kyle is their cousin and he was interested in why we were out doing the missionary work when we could be at college getting school "over with" and working... Kyle took a book of mormon and said he would read it as well as the bible, side by side.

Wednesday- We went out with Bishop Abbot and went to Peggy Lane's house where we talked with her about getting a temple recommend and how she has her goal of getting sealed to her husband who passed away a while back. It went great and Peggy told us she will try her very best to make it there. (She wasn't able to make it to church Sunday due to pains in her chest...) As well with Bishop we saw  3 other Less-Active members and it was great being able to go out with the Bishop and getting the work done. He is a very dedicated man and I admire him. This night I went on exchange into Damarriscotta with Elder Liljenquist, he has been out for 11 weeks.

Thursday- Elder Liljenquist is from Utah and loves to play trumpet and bake. If you know me I don't do either of those on my free time, but we got along very well he is a funny elder. My goal on the exchange was to bear testimony of God's Love to someone that we tract into and they say I'm all set! We tracted in the freezing cold weather (That day was around 14 degrees with 25 mph winds) We tracted for a solid hour and 3 people answered the door out of maybe 20+. But i bore testimony and the lady who answered agreed with me and said she believes the same thing. But she wouldn't want us to come back and talk with her. We also did service at a food pantry which I really enjoyed! I love serving others that can't exactly help themselves.

Friday- I am back from exchange and now am with Elder Redford and we went home teaching with Brother Maschino, and none of his people came to the door... Which seems to happen a ton now that I talk about it haha. I have just gotten so used to it I guess... We had dinner with a member family named the Mittons that knows Elder Redford's family personally! They are from Pocatello, Idaho which is where Elder Redford is from so they had a blast at the dinner table talking about good ole Pokey.

Saturday- This was the mission conference day. We drove down to Exeter, New Hampshire and I got to see all my old companions and my friends around the mission. We took a mission picture and I am all the way on the left standing on a chair haha. During the conference I sat next Elder M. Jensen and that was great talking to him. We learned about how to live positive lives and to stay productive. There were 2 General Authorities and one Area Seventy. Bishop Causee, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Bennett. So those were the ones training us. Something that stuck out to me was that they said when you are willing to repent, you are willing to change your life for the better. It's true. Change is good. It helps each of us grow.

We finished the day at the Brill's where they told us they would never become members of our church but love us as fantastic young men. We may have different religions and beliefs but I will not let that stop me from loving that family. Although we may disagree, it does not mean we should be disagreeable! Be kind to everyone, no matter what. Saturday nights are usually the night we get transfer calls and we never got one so both Elder Redford and I were celebrating because we were going to stay together another 6 weeks. little did we know....

Sunday- We woke up to our normal alarm at 6:30 and elder Redford hopped into the shower and I was just getting up. And the phone rings at 6:32AM... It was assistant 2. I was like what the?!
I answered it and the first thing he said was, "Elders it appears that we forgot to call you last night....(Pause. Looks down at paperwork...more pause...) Yup, we did. Elder Dahlberg you are being transferred and will serve as Zone leader. Do you accept?"  Well that was that. I declined it right then and there! haha just kidding .The Peters family came to church this day! Rusty & Tiffany and their 5 awesome kids!!!!  We sat right behind them and in church they called me from the pulpit to come up and bear my testimony. While I was up speaking to the 100+ people, I felt so comfortable. I could have stood there all day long. I just felt so good. I don't have any fear of speaking in front of people. Why? What's my secret? Well I tell myself that "It's selfish to be nervous" Because I have a message that I need to share and if I'm nervous I wont deliver it as good as I need to!

Thanks for all you do for me Mom and Dad. And those that email me or write me (you know who you are haha)
I will be transferred this upcoming Tuesday the 10th. So if you want to write me a letter send it to the mission office address of 2 Bedford Farms....etc...

I haven't gotten a letter in about 2 weeks and I want to issue a slight challenge to all who see this. Send me a letter. I WILL send you one back. Even if all you write is a tic tac toe game or something. haha. Getting a letter seriously brightens the day. There is just something about it. Well thanks for everything! I am coming home in 7 months!!! ZONE LEADER HERE I COME!!!

P.S.  I don't know for sure where he went, but he did buy something with his personal debit card from Manchester, NH, so I think he may be near the mission home for this transfer...  Either way, you can send him a letter to the mission home address and he will get it eventually...

All Smiles
Elder Dahlberg

We bought some banana bread mix from Hawaii and sent it to him since he LOVES banana bread.  He shared pictures of him making it..

He got creative with a scarf and made it into a tie.  (He didn't actually wear it that way...)

Here are some of the families he's worked with in Gardiner, Maine...

The Armstrong family
The Keene family
The Peters family making scripture cases it looks like...
The Dawbin family

Grechen and her family

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