Monday, April 27, 2015

(From April 20) So Spring has arrived finally!

The record breaking dynamic duo...

This was the most teaching i have ever done in a week. Elder Wadsworth and I taught a total of 24 lessons this week. Not including lessons taught to members for dinners and stop by's and such.!! 24 lessons is unheard of for our mission. Well at least it was unheard of until Elder Wadsworth and I smashed it! I cannot do a day by day this week because of how much we bounced around teaching this person and then knocking this door and giving service to this person. We were all over this week and we were exhausted at the end of each day. We taught a total of 12 member present lessons, 2 other lessons and 10 lessons to Less-Active and Recent Converts. (To those who are missionaries or have been missionaries you know that this was a really good week of teaching!) VERY VERY BUSY!!!

I must say that it is so fulfilling to be able to help people come closer to Jesus Christ and make changes in their lives in order to be happier. I would do this over hammering nails into wood, sitting at a desk typing papers, sorting books in a library, even surfing for a living. AND THAT TAKES A LOT OUT OF ME TO SAY! I enjoy helping people make positive changes in their lives. And i know that doing it through Jesus Christ makes that positive change last forever because of His Atonement. Having said all that i can just look back at the beginning of my mission and i realize how much i have changed into a better person. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything, including Pro baseball, sponsored surfing, even millions of dollars. (Although i wouldn't complain if i found that on the side of the road..)

This week we talked to so many people and taught so many lessons that its hard to just pick one to tell you about. But i will choose one.

We got a referral from the Manchester Elders for a man named Bill G****. They found him by just talking to him on the street and he wouldn't mind having missionaries come over and talk with him. So we went over to Bill G***** and we knocked on the door and a man answers the door in a full body pajama suit themed to EOR, the hippo charecter on the TV show Winnie-the-pooh. (I'm laughing!!!  I had to keep that as original because it was soo funny!) The pajama suit went from his toes all the way to his neck and even had a hood with ears. This man is 52 and was wearing that. That was Bill G****. At first glance he looks crazy. But after we got talking to him he is a very honest man and wants to do what is best for him and His wife, Rose. They have tons of medical issues and their apartment isn't the cleanest... But they both have a really strong desire to learn about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we taught them I still couldn't get over the pajama suit because it caught me so off guard. But he came to church this past Sunday, so did Sarah V***** and her 4 children and she even brought her dad along.

We street contacted into this man who looked very down on himself and he had such a dreary countenance. When you looked at him he just looked sad and down and as if he didn't care if the sun was shining or anything. We told him we share a message of Hope and that it can uplift his life. He said sure and we met up with him later that day and his name is Tyler. he is in his late 20's and doesn't say much. But we hopefully will meet up with him this week again and try to help him out in his life. Give him a goal in life. Something to look forward to and work for.

Some other random things that happened this week. We fasted that we could get more baptismal dates in our zone and after the 3 weeks of consecutive fasting for 1 day of the week our zone now has 6 baptismal dates and already had 1 baptism. So thats great.

I am not getting transferred and neither is Elder Wadsworth so i will be staying in Bedford at least another six weeks until June 1st. I was really happy for that.

That's all i can muster up this week! THANKS!!!!!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg
The tradition for missionaries who have been out for 18 months... 

No man has ever climbed the ladder of success with his hands in his pockets.

Being his silly self at a house full of old antiques...

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