Thursday, April 9, 2015

(March 30) I'm ready for the sun to bust out and melt all the snow away.

Its supposed to be spring time, but this week it was actually cold. Stayed in the high 20's to the high 30's. It's much better than the single digits and WAY better than the negatives but I'm ready for the sun to bust out and melt all the snow away. I learned a cool fact about Manchester New Hampshire! It turns out that Segways were invented here. And apparently in the spring time they have people who travel all over the place in them, so I'm excited to get my hands on one and try it out!!! I had a pretty eventful week, check it out!!!

Mon- For our P-day we went to downtown Manchester and went to the tallest building we could find and we went to the front desk and asked if we could go to the top. The guy in the first and tallest building said no way, so we tried the second tallest building and the security guard just goes, Go for it! haha So we took the elevator up and just enjoyed looking out over the city, then we ran down the 21 floors of stairs all the way to the basement! After our P-Day was over we stopped by a couple of Less-Active members who weren't all that excited that we showed up on their door step. But one of them worked at the Segway factory and said we could come back and ride his Segway when it warms up! That's one way to get into the door I guess. right??

Tuesday- We had a great lesson with our investigator named Rebeca. She is 21 years old and has 2 boys. A 2 yr old and a 3 month old. She has a boyfriend and how we found her was through tracting and she let us in. She doesn't have any belief in a God and thought it was just something not important in her life. She has no religious back ground and her purpose in meeting with us was because her boyfriend wanted to raise their kids in some sort of church and get them baptised. So we taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and she grasped a little bit of it. She did commit to reading some out of the Book of Mormon and as well as saying her own personal prayer. We set a return day for Thursday.

Wednesday- I was hosting Elder Seely, who is the AP. Now what is an AP? Well its like the vice president so to speak. AP stands for Assistant to the President. So he works directly under President Stoker and pretty much does all the menial things president doesnt need to do. But besides that an AP is just another normal missionary, they just have alot of responsibility on their plate. Elder Seely and I finished a lesson and when we got into the car and started it and we were about to start driving forward he sees someone walking outside of the car and goes "Elder, we need to talk to that person, I feel impressed that we need to." So we get out of the car and start talking to her. (Keep in mind, we do not normally just get out of the car as we are about to leave and just start talking to some random person) Turns out that this lady was baptised in our church down in Nebraska and just moved up here. She said she was interested in meeting with us. To make the story short, we tried to contact her again and while talking to her on the phone, a male came onto the phone and interrupted us and started cussing us out and told us to NEVER CALL AGAIN! So thats that. But I told this story to share how and why I believe there is a God. In the bible it talks about the Holy Ghost and how it will help us. I believe that the Holy Ghost impressed Elder Seely to do that. As strange as it seemed. And there are tons of little experiences just like that, that I have experienced over my mission which have strengthened not only my belief in God but my Faith in Him.

Thursday- We were supposed to have a lesson with Rebecca but she cancelled and before we left I asked "is there anything, anything at all that we can help you with" She told us they are struggling and could use some help with food. So we arranged a few things and we had members bring over meals for her and they even gave them a small meal card for a grocery store! How nice!!!

Friday- The sisters in our area made us sushi for lunch!!! I love sushi, it was great! I want to learn how to make that when I get home. While we were out and about this day we came across a box that said free food on it and it was placed in a nice place like someone actually meant to leave it there for the purpose of giving it away. It was full of canned non expired food and it was full! We were like what the heck? There is never anything of this sort just out and about. So we snagged it and brought it to Rebeca! haha Isn't that cool? I think that is another instance of the existence of a loving God, or just a mere coincidence. Take your pick but I choose God.

Saturday- IT SNOWED ALL DAY LONG ON THIS DAY@!!! Yes that's right SNOW! I have some pictures that I will send to show just how much came down. It was probably the last time I will see snow fall on my mission and for a good long time. So I enjoyed it and made some snowballs and made random snowmen on the streets, Elder Wadsworth and I even did some target practice with the snowballs. So we enjoyed winter's finale.

Sunday- We spent a lot of the Day out sharing the new Easter message that the church produced called #Becausehelives. It's all about Jesus Christ and it's great for anyone, whether you're a Mormon or not. I actually encourage people who aren't Mormon to watch this video because it just shows how and why Jesus Christ plays a role in daily life.

I guess they drew a picture of Elder Dahlberg the surfer...

That's all for now! With this upcoming Easter you may wonder what my plans are. We are going to be watching General Conference where we will also be fasting for 24 hours from food and water for the opportunity to find people who want to hear about God and Jesus Christ. And follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.

Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful Easter! It would really make my day to show up to emails next Monday and be loaded with pictures of you and your families. That would be so cool!!!
You have been warned...

Yep!  There they are!!

What a "Quack up!"  (Sorry, couldn't help myself...)

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

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