Monday, April 27, 2015


This week has been really busy with teaching again! We taught another 24 lessons and we are leading the mission in teaching! we taught so much this past week and had more lessons than an entire zone did! Pretty crazy! A lot of missionaries have been asking what our secret is to all this sudden success. Elder Wadsworth and I have come to the conclusion that none of it is difference on our part. The only thing we are doing is trying to be obedient to the mission rules while trying to invite all others to learn about Jesus Christ. Those are the two actions we tattoo on our foreheads everyday before we go out to work. We firmly believe all of our success is that God is preparing these people for a brighter future and hopefully a happy eternal future.
Our current teaching pool of Investigators is 11. I began my mission with barely 1...

Well i will go through my week.
Monday the 20th- We went to the mall of New Hampshire for p-day and got to talk to a man named Paul. He was one of those guys that stands at the kiosks that are in the middle of the walkways in malls. He was a representative for a MMA/ Boxing Gym. I approached him and started talking to him because he seemed a little apprehensive to talking to people walking by. turns out that he is really nice and from the looks of him he was all tatooed up and is buff and scary looking. But by the end of our talk, he was showing us pictures of his 2 kids and how they both have a disease similar to muscular dystrophy and they don't have the physical capabilities that we do.  so that was a blessing in disguise to be able to talk to him about that.

Tuesday- This was the night all the departing missionaries stayed at our house and i got really trunky. We were in a room with 8 missionaries all excited to be going home and seeing their families the next morning. I barely slept during the night because of all the energy that was in the room and the next morning Elder Wadsworth and I went for a run because i just couldn't take being in that house any longer haha. TOO MUCH TRUNKYNESS (trunky= wanting to pack you bags 'trunk' and go home). The rest of the day we taught lessons and i was fine after the run but that was the major highlight of the day haha...

Wednesday- We make weekly visits to a recent convert named Gladys P*****.  She is in her 60's and just joined the church in January. We showed up to her house to do our normal visit and read the scriptures with her when she answers the door and says you caught me. I've been smoking! Elder Wadsworth and I were surprised and we talked with her about her problem and she reminded me so much of a dog when you yell at it for doing something wrong. She was so humble and sad that she got caught smoking. We were very nice to her and didn't express ANY Hatred for what she was doing or what she did. We were there to help her overcome her mistake and it was cool because she offered the closing prayer and she cried during the whole thing. She was a great example of sorrow.

Thursday- We were able to teach the G****'s and have dinner over at their home. They were very nice and generous to us and we had salad with guacamole as the dressing and than chicken as the main dish. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and Bill and Rose both have a problem with Coffee. And they both want to be baptized so, Bill told us right then and there he was going to be working towards a day to be done with coffee. He said May 3rd is the day he will not drink anymore.

Friday- We taught Kenji S******, she is a less-active member coming back to church and we met her in the pizza place just down the road from her house and she informed us that she is attending the temple on MAY 2nd! So she is no longer considered Less-Active in my eyes! She is rescued!!!!

Saturday- We were invited over to bishop's house to have a coordination meeting and waffle breakfast and we also taught 5 member present lessons this day. It's so tough to include all the good details of how the lessons went and what we taught but it takes so much time. I do know that at the end of the 5th member present lesson which finished at 8:55 PM, as we were walking home in the night, across the river we got to watch fireworks going off for the AAA baseball team, the NH Fischer Cats. So the fireworks were a silent pat on the back for a hard days work.

Sunday- We had a special stake conference which was held in Concord, New Hampshire. We were able to have 3 investigators attend and President Stoker was actually there and got to fellowship each one of them. That was really awesome! We also had dinner at a Less-Active families home named the Hines. They attend the Manchester Christian church, but they are so friendly and nice. K**** is the husband and is the high school football coach. he is actually flying to San Diego on the 27th of April, (Today) to interview for a job out there at a Christian school. . They are related to the person who owns the Hines car dealership. Remember the jingle, I GOT MINE AT HINE! haha well they are a super awesome family and i will keep in touch with them even when i get home.

Well that was my week in a nutshell. Looking back at what i wrote, there was SO much more that happened but my fingers can only go so fast on this keyboard in front of me haha. Well i am glad i got to tell you about my week. I haven't gotten a letter in over 3 weeks which is a new record. But i don't want to sound like some complainer because im doing great out here! SPRING IS HERE AND I'M LOVING THE SUNSHINE!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

They went on a hike for their P-day today...  Here are some pictures....

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