Thursday, April 9, 2015

General Conference was great!

Wow!!   Last week, ducks,  this week, peacocks!  How beautiful!!

Well this past general conference was the best one I have ever watched. I don't think it was that it was abnormally different than other ones or that the speakers were better. I think it all had to do with me and my preparation for it. For this general conference I came with a question in mind and I literally applied every talk given to my question and wrote down 1 line that each speaker told me as an answer. It made conference meaningful and it actually didn't seem as long! It was great! My favorite talk was actually given by one of the 12 apostles named Russell M Nelson. He talked about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. I am making that a priority in my future because of what he shared in that talk. Here is the link to watch it if you would like to.

Tuesday- This day we talked to a Muslim man that we met in the mall of New Hampshire a while back. So we met with him in the church and we brought a member with us and it turned into more of a debate about the nature of God and that was not our purpose. He was trying to logically explain God and his nature and than he was telling us wrong. It was interesting and kind of intimidating. We told him about the biggest part of our lives and that we walk by faith and not by sight. We trust in God and we don't NEED proof or NEED to know all things in order to function.

Wednesday- I went on exchange to the East side of Manchester with Elder Chavez our district leader and we walked those streets for a good 2 hours and found 2 potential families to teach and I heard that one of them is already taking the missionary lessons or will be soon. SO that was fun.

Thursday- I was still on exchange with Elder Chavez, he is from Rancho Cucumanga California and we did a lot of street contacting this day as well. We talked and we walked practically all day. We walked probably 6-7 miles and my feet were pretty tired. I am not complaining about walking. I am just saying how much we walked. I actually loved it! I would prefer doing that than driving over 50 miles a day like I was in the boonies of Maine. I also experienced the worst door slam I have ever received while being out on my mission. We knocked this door and this lady came to the door and then left. So we knocked one more time because we wanted to talk to her. Then she came to the door and opened it and while it was opening we said hello and she replied with "No Hello, GET THE F%(*& OUT!!!" and slammed that door so hard I felt some wind come from it. As we were walking away I couldn't keep a straight face and just laughed for about 2 minutes because it was so funny. I hope she feels better after this Easter.

Friday- We taught English to Thack our Napaleese investigator. He is getting really good at it. I can tell he is practicing because of how fluent his talking is. It's awesome to help him with that.

Saturday- We started our fast and watched general conference  We colored eggs between the two sessions.

Of course, he put a wave on his egg!

Easter Sunday- We were able to have dinner at the mission presidents home! I ran out of time writing this because I was being talked to... Sorry. Ill send pictures!!! Hope the pictures can fill in the rest of this email.
President and Sister Stoker

Elders Dahlberg and Wadsworth

President Stoker has a new granddaughter

Love you all!!!
Elder Dahlberg

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