Saturday, February 14, 2015

Backlogged from Jan 26th Juno Storm on it's way...

So there is big news out here in New England. A HUGE Storm named Juno (when a storm has a name you know that its going to be awesome!) is going to be coming this week lasting from Monday night to Wednesday morning. Its going to be a huge blizzard that will cover the entire New England region. I'm really excited to witness my first blizzard and i hope it has no mercy and just lets us have it! I will take good videos and ill try and get some before and after pictures. We went to Walmart and stocked up on water and food so don't worry about that. We have like 10 people who told us if we are in trouble call them and they will hop to it and help us. So we are in good hands. :)
As for what we will do during the storm.... I'm not exactly sure because going out and shoveling will be pointless. We might just walk around outside depending on the severity of the storm. I really have no idea what to expect! haha im still just a Cali boy out in Maine!

The big news is that im going to be staying in Gardiner Maine again for at least another 6-12 weeks because im also Training a brand spanking new missionary again. I just finished training Elder Sholer and now on Thursday i will get my new companion who is fresh from the Missionary Training Center. I feel honored to train again because in the mission, not every missionary gets to train and not every missionary gets to train twice. So that just makes me feel good knowing that im doing a good job!

This past week i got to go on exchange again in Topsham and got to see sister youland! She pampered me with chicken salad with grapes on croissants and let me keep the left overs which didn't last another day. We helped Tony (her nonmember husband) paint the ceiling of the dining room and being there felt almost the same as when i left a year ago. It felt good to be back. Tony made me feel honored when he for the first time ever asked questions about the church! I was astonished when he asked me the questions and i was very happy to tell him the answers. I love that man! He reminds me a lot of my Dad. They have the same sense of humor.

After that we stopped by Janet Perez, the Colombian lady and she was so happy to see me and if felt good being back in her house as well.  She of course cooked us up some great food and we had a great talk about what she has been up to and her upcoming benefit dinner to help needy people in Nicaragua.

Wednesday we had dinner with a Nonmember family named the W***** that are now our new investigators. There is Randy, the father, Shelly, the mom, and 5 kids. They are a nice family and we hope to bring them closer to Jesus Christ. (That's always our hope as missionaries haha)

Thursday we got taken out to Texas Roadhouse for steaks and i felt like i got to celebrate my brother Timmy's birthday a day early. That was really cool. At this restaurant you get unlimited peanuts and you throw the shells on the floor just as if you were in Texas!!!

This week we had a couple lessons with the P***** family. We shared a lesson talking about the story in the book of mormon and how it all points to Christ. Than we gave Rusty an ensign to read the most recent talk by the prophet to the whole world, Thomas S. Monson. He talked about setting the rudder to your "spiritual boat" straight and make sure your course is set on God and no where else.

The P***** didn't come to church and neither did any of the Less-Active members that we work with. Stunk because we tried hard this week. But im not down on myself because i know that my efforts aren't to make sure they come to church. my efforts are to bring them closer to Christ.

I have to go but i want to leave with a really cool quote i learned this week.
"You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you cant count the number of apples that come from a seed."

I'm not out here to see all the effects of my missionary labors. I'm out here to plant seeds and help people. And i love it!

Thanks everyone for all the emails. I got so many this week! thanks thanks thanks!

Oh and include my new trainee companion in your prayers because the first couple days/ weeks out in the mission field are really hard. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you

Elder sholer and i found a toilet train! I mean come on! If you saw a bunch of toilets in a line like that you would want to take pictures with it!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg!!!!

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