Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I spent my birthday at the same house 2 years in a row!

Yes, that is NEGATIVE 15 degrees...
It snowed again 3 times this week. All of the 3 times it added about another 6 inches to the already 3.5ft of snow. The snowbanks on the side of the roads are getting really high and its tough to make turns onto the main roads because of how tall the snowbanks are.
He's pretending to surf the snow bank...

Well here's my week!
Monday- Just a normal P-day, Got to workout with a member of our ward, and got free subway because another member of our ward is awesome and owns 4 of them and then I exchanged into Topsham my first area for Tuesday and part of Wednesday.
Shoveling snow builds strong muscles!

Tuesday (MY BIRTHDAY!)- I was on exchange this day with Elder Penverne (He's French) and it was probably the best day in a LONG TIME! Not just because it was my birthday, but because of how productive our missionary day was. I started out the day doing service at a homeless soup kitchen and was in charge of getting all the dirty dishes off of the tables so they could eat more. I was nick named the dirty man haha. I got talking with another volunteer and he was an IT Manager for a small company up here in Maine and I told him that my dad is one and my brother is a computer programmer and we went off talking about that stuff for a while. He was a great man and it was cool being able to relate to him because of what I learned from my Dad and brother Timmy. Then we had lunch at the Youland's and we needed a male 18 years or older for a lesson with a single woman and we weren't able to find anyone and then boom, Tony Youland, who is not a member of our church volunteered to come out with us to this lesson!
Elder Dahlberg and Tony Youland

It was really awesome! and that just about made my birthday right there! I could have ended the day on that note but it just kept going. We had a lesson at the Derr's house and oddly enough a year ago on this exact day I was at their house for dinner. So I spent my birthday at the same house 2 years in a row! That is rare! And a blessing! George Derr talked about his desire to stop smoking and we are working with him to set some goals and have plans to be clean in 2015! Then they surprised me with a chocolate on chocolate cake which is my favorite! I love surprises!!! That was a good day for me, even though I wasn't bursting out with presents and money, (which I could care less about) Luke 12:13-31

Happy Birthday from the Derr family

Wednesday- I taught district meeting and on this day I had to get my teeth cleaned because the dental hygienist only had this day open. So I learned how to floss and brush my teeth effectively and efficiently.  The best part of this day was at the end of the day when we had an interview with our Bishop. We sat down for an hour talking about missionary work and we just had a marvelous meeting. I really felt the spirit in that meeting with Bishop and we talked about a lot of things. He talked to us about how important a mission is for building a great foundation for the young generation. He said there is NOTHING in the entire world that would be better than what we are doing at this moment. That was really good to hear. I agree with him too, I already know I cannot repay how much I have learned about life and myself in this time here on my mission in the frozen land of New England.

Thursday- We helped Rusty P**** go  and cut wood for his family. We went out to their land outside of the city and we helped FALL a tree! It was awesome hearing it crack and fall to the ground and then the earth shaking a tad bit once the tree smashes into the ground. It was fun. We worked hard too. LOTS of LUGGING LOGS!!! I also gave the P**** kids some candy from my birthday present and they loved it! I got a picture of them too! (For you mom!)
He worked so hard that he broke his ax...

Little party favors from the package we sent him...

Friday- We had dinner and a FHE lesson with a Less-Active family named the Fischers! The mom, Vicky is the only member and her boyfriend and 3 kids are not members of the church. So we shared a great lesson with them and I guess we did a good job because they wanted us back as soon as possible! We committed them to come to church and that we would get them a ride. They accepted! We also helped at the Food Co-op below our apartment and we work alongside a guy named Alex who is Jewish and we asked him to prepare a short lesson for us and he taught us about the law of Consecration and tithing in the Jewish faith. We told him we do the same thing, by donating 10% of our income to God's kingdom on earth. (the church)
He still loves to snuggle with the doggies

Getting the food co-op ready downstairs from their apartment

Saturday- We brought an awesome member named Brother Maschino out teaching with us and we visited a lady named Sherry who is interested in learning more about the history behind the Book of Mormon. She loves the old american continent with all the native american tribes and such. So that went really well. I also read in Matthew 7 about the wise man who built his house upon a rock and I really liked that story. It's so true. Where is your house built? or being built for that matter?

Sunday- Church wasn't cancelled even though it snowed throughout the night and we got about 3 inches. Also the Fischer's ride cancelled on them so we completely expected them to not come, but they did anyways! We still don't know how they got there and back but they came!!! That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Monday- We had interviews with President Stoker and it was fantastic! before my mission I thought I would hate interviews but it was awesome!!!! I enjoy them so much!
Elder Redford learning how to sew...

Well that's my update on the week!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

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