Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Feb. 16th "There are thousands of ways to find success but none of them work unless you do"

Maine is treating me well! This week we didn't have a huge dumping of snow in my area.  Southern New England got loaded with snow but we didn't up here in Maine. Although we still have 3 ft snow peaks all over the place and the sidewalks are literally trenches of snow. When it snows out here, the way to get rid of it fast is to spread a salt and dirt mixture in the roads so that the cars can grip the roads and not slide around. So when the snow plows come through they are always pushing this slushy brown snow around and its not appetizing at all...

Tuesday- We went out with the Bishop of our ward to visit some Less-Active members and it went really well. I have a really good relationship with our Bishop and we get along so well, mostly because I think we have the same thought process. We both think alike so therefore we are already similar in that aspect. For our dinner we went over to a Less-Active members home , the Curtis's and before we went there I was feeling a bit under the weather so I took a short nap to recuperate and right after my nap I said a prayer to help me feel good and that we can have an effective visit at the members house. I felt impressed to tell Elder Redford that we should teach them about patriarchal blessings even though we had already made a lesson plan for them earlier on that day. So I shrugged off that prompting and walked outside the room and Elder Redford had an Ensign open and it was opened to a page about patriarchal blessings and I immediately was like okay so that's no coincidence. So we taught them about Patriarchal blessings and we could tell they needed to hear it because they both hadn't read theirs in YEARS! So that was a cool little story. On my mission I have tons of those, I just have trouble remembering them to tell you every week. That's why I keep a daily journal!

Wednesday- After teaching district meeting and the Elder-Sisters' super good burrito lunch with home made banana bread, I went on an exchange with Elder McCain from Nebraska. We got along SO WELL! Almost too well. It reminded me all over again of being in high school with Taylor Dean. I also realized it's harder to do great missionary work when you get along super well with a missionary. But that could be false, who knows. But we did do some service at the Johnson Hall and the volunteer coordinator, Grace, actually read some of the Book of Mormon! We gave her one 3 weeks ago and she told us she would read some of it and tell us what she thought. She wants to talk about it some more so we hope we can do that this week.
Elders Dahlberg & McCain

OK, so that's a little bit creepy...

Good thing this house has blue shutters or it would get lost...

Thursday- We got called on 3 different occasions to help people shovel their homes and their roofs. So Elder McCain and I went and did that for a good chunk of the day. We also got to have a good lesson with Peggy Lane and we brought a member of the ward who is leaving on February 18th to Macon, Georgia on his mission. After the exchange, the moment Elder Redford and I were back to being companions, we sat down in the car and he immediately gave me a big hug and said thank you for being my companion. haha that was a cool moment. Because Elder Redford was having trouble with the elder he was on exchange with and he likes me much more as a companion. So that was a cool moment for me.

Then we went down to Manchester, New Hampshire for a new missionary training meeting.  We even got to sleep in the room that the General Authorities usually sleep in.

Friday- We had an all day long meeting this day and it was really good. I want to share one quote that I really liked that was said in the meeting.
"There are thousands of ways to find success but none of them work unless you do"

Drew said this Elder looked like he could be President some day...

Saturday- This was a PDP day. (Pretty-Dang-Productive)  We stopped by a nice lady we tracted into one day and she wanted to meet up again so we will be meeting her this week on Thursday. We also stopped by a couple that we met a month ago and we shared a valentines message with them and they really enjoyed it and actually want us to come back again. They are Dennis and Ellen H*****. They are baptist and firm in their beliefs but are open minded and want to hear what we have to say. Than we had a FHE at the P***** home where they actually conducted it and made assignments while we shared a lesson on forgiveness and it was such a great lesson!!!!

Sunday- Church was cancelled and we knew it was because of a big storm that was coming our way. We didn't get much snow but the winds were in the 40 mph range and it was hitting our apartment really hard. It was really cool listening to the wind and all the sounds it made. We were able to have dinner at a members house and one their daughters had her boyfriend over and we taught about finding faith in Christ and he actually has been interested in it. So we were able to set up a day where we could teach him about Jesus Christ and his effect in our lives. We will be doing that on Friday.

That's my week!!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Love you all and hope to hear about your weeks!!!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg 

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