Saturday, February 14, 2015

While we complain of hot winds and dry skin, New England is having one Wicked Winter!!

Well, most of you may or may not know, My parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to spend a week out in Hawaii as a celebration. I took it as more of a slap in the face because they went on the snowiest week Maine has seen in YEARS! During that week that they enjoyed sunshine and bliss we got roughly 3 and a half feet of snow and freezing temperatures. Haha its a pretty cool contrast that i just wanted to tell everyone.

This past week in my mission we set a goal to pass out at least one book of Mormon each day and we were able to do one every day except one. The only one day we couldn't was the day that Elder Redford, my companion had a really bad migraine and actually threw up because of how much pain was coming from it. He gets wicked bad migraines because he injured his neck one time while doing something in gymnastics.

I wont do a report day by day this week because i want to talk about some of the people we are currently working with.

The one big one we have is the P***** family. Rusty and Tiffany are the parents and There are 5 kids all under the age of 13. oldest is a boy and 4 younger girls. Their house is always full of energy and dancing and fighting and yelling and just craziness. We got information from the bishop that Rusty's dad is/was a member of our church. We haven't made contact with him yet but that was something cool to hear about. We weren't able to meet up with this family this week to do the Family Home Evening that we had planned but we did stop by Sunday night to share a short lesson about the importance of staying above the worlds influences and the ways to do that are reading the scriptures, praying, and attending church. This is a really awesome family that is very Christian in their beliefs.

Another one is a Less-Active lady named Peggy Lane. She has lived in Maine her whole life and is going through a tough time because her son just shot someone last week and a friend of hers just had her house burn down. She is divorced and her 30 yr old daughter who has a 8 month old baby still lives at home. We have been working with peggy lane for the whole time that i have been here and she is making a huge turnaround in her life. She hadn't been to church in over 4 years until last Sunday when she came and actually stayed for the full 3 hours. The next visit we had with her, you could see the light of God in her eyes. You could see that she partook of the Sacrament and did what it says. to "remember Jesus Christ" and his sacrifice for every one of us. Peggy is now focusing on trying to come back to church because she wants the blessings of God in her life. As do we all. I hope at least... Well Peggy and I get along really well because we both love the ocean and can talk about it forever, she also is a very loving woman. She takes in animals that have been abused and gives them a royal treatment for the last months of their lives.

Fred H**** is a 86 year old man that we found while tracting 3 weeks ago. He is meeting with us because he enjoys our visits as well as he wants to hear our beliefs. He is a very open minded guy and he is the pure example of charity. he loves everyone, even though they may have scammed him or burned him somewhere down the road. He is a funny man too. Reminds me of talking to Grandpa Dahlberg! Fred loves to read and surprised us by reading more of  the Book of Mormon than we had asked him too!

Those are the 3 that i wanted to cover this week. Those are our big 3 as of right now.

As for what we did this past week, we didn't have a single day where we didn't have our snow shovels in our hands. We helped every one and anyone shovel their yards and walk ways. We try to serve all mankind despite our differences. I was given an awesome present for Christmas which was electric heated gloves that my uncle Mark gave me. Those things work like a charm!!! Although my hands get cold when the battery dies, i love them so much! THEY ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!

Ill finish with a cool quote that i learned a while back

"How can you be a life saver when you look like all the other swimmers on the beach?" Think about it, be yourself and bloom where your planted!

My birthday is on the 17th and I will be turning 20 years old!!!  I won't be a stupid teenager anymore! I have to be responsible!!!!

haha well i love you all and hope you have as good of a week as i will.

Here is how much snow came down on us.... and that is me roof raking. Yes there was so much snow that i had to rake it off of the roof or else it will collapse. 

A delicious breakfast made by Elder Dahlberg

P-day---Doing their laundry at the Dawbin's home

Elder Redford is a gymnast.  Whoa!  Unbelievable!!
It's either the P-90 X3 DVDs or all that shoveling snow... or BOTH!!

All Smiles, Elder Dahlberg

Guess What??  More snow coming... LOTS more...  He's in the 15-20" zone...

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