Saturday, February 14, 2015

Backlogged from Feb. 3rd MORE SNOW (Postponed P-day from Monday to Tuesday)

Well there were 3 HUGE snow storms that hit us pretty hard. each one added 1-2 ft of snow on top of each other. This whole week has consisted of getting up, looking outside and seeing it crazy windy outside with snow going every direction, and it being freezing cold outside. On top of that our heat stopped working and so did our hot water and that happened right during the biggest storm named Juno. So this whole week i only got to shower 3 times due to no hot water. (its fixed now BTW) So that was quite the adventure.

Monday still w/ Elder Sholer - We shopped and stocked up on some food for the upcoming storm that hit on Tuesday named Juno. As well on this day we found a new investigator that we tracted into named Fred. He is 86 years old and interested in what we are doing while being out on our missions. He enjoys talking about Jesus Christ, which is awesome!! Not alot of people like doing that.

Tuesday still w/Elder Sholer- This was the big storm day! JUNO! We couldnt see 5 feet out of our windows because of how white it was outside and how windy it was. Snow was flying upward/ sideways/ inside out/ and backwards! Blizzards are awesome!!! We were urged over and over again to just stay inside but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me because im not planning on ever being back in a place where it can get this snowy and cold haha. SO Elder Sholer and i went walking out in it. We had to use our plastic snow shovels to block our faces from the wind so our faces didnt get frozen to pieces by the -20 degree wind that was going at 40+mph. We walked to the P**** and had dinner there with them. Walking home at 8:30PM was the most fun because no one was out and the roads were desolate. So i told Elder Sholer to sit on my snow shovel and i pushed him down a hill as if he were sledding.

Wednesday still w/Elder Sholer- We didnt do district meeting because we were still recuperating from the Juno blizzard. But we went and shoveled out some people and did it all voluntarily. I heard a really cool quote. "The best good deed is one done in secret and found out by accident" I feel like we do that pretty often and i hope that who we do it to really needed it. We had Elder Sholer's last dinner over at the Dawbins where we had Crepe's! Yummy stuff!!!

Thursday- This day we drove all the way down to Manchester New hampshire to drop off Elder Sholer, who is now in Lyndon Vermont and I got my new companion Elder Redford!
Elder Matthew Redford, is from Pocatello Idaho and is 18 years old. He is a mixed martial arts fighter, level 9 gymnist, #1 ranked welder in Idaho, and is a mormon. haha. He is a stud muffin of a kid. He has been through alot in his life but he pushed through it with conviction and strength. We get along great, even though we both like to be the ones to get the job done! We are both the type of people to act and not be acted upon. So we are working on finding the middle ground so we can become super efficient missionaries!

Friday- This day we got another 1ft of snow that kept falling all day long. After our 3 hour weekly planning we went to Fred's house and we planned on reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and we read it with him. Only to hear him say, "I already read this and all the stuff after this, im in 1 nephi 11 can we start reading from there?" Hearing that just about knocked me off my socks because i have almost never had anyone actually keep the commitment of reading it after we leave. So we read from where he was. After that we went to the P**** for a dinner and then a Family Home Evening. We are trying to establish family home evenings with them on Friday nights because that is when everything is calm and non eventful. So we did it and the coolest part was when we were all singing I am a child of God and Rusty looked at one of his daughters and you could see the joy in his face. His eyes got all shiny and you could tell this was a special moment for him. That was a really cool experience to see.

Saturday- One of the things we did this day was stop by Raymond, a 86 year old man in a retirement home and talked with him. There was another man in the room named Phil who we also talked with. We soon found out he had 4 strokes and now is on the recovery side of it. He used to be a professional Guitarist and traveled all over playing and teaching for 35 years. Now he cant move his fingers on his hand that he uses to play his guitar. We left him with some pictures of Jesus Christ and talked about why Jesus is important in our lives and how He can help us through our trials.

Sunday- Elder Redford went up and bore his testimony and introduced himself with was the best thing he could have done because the family sitting in front of us just about lost it when he said he is from Pocatello, Idaho. Turned out that they pretty much knew each other and have all the same friends and stuff. Its a small world after all!!! We tracted some more this day and the first 2 doors didnt even let us open our mouths. They saw us and our nametags and walked to the door and told us to go away. I could see some disappointment in Elder Redfords face but we kept going. The next door actually let us in the house to get warm and ended up wanting us to come by again, Not to learn about our Church but to converse with each other about Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Which is what our purpose is as missionaries!!! Pretty cool!!!!

Monday the 2nd of February- We were supposed to have P-day this day but the snow storm decided other wise. It snowed again all day and put another 15 inches of snow on the ground. So the whole day we went around helping people shovel and we found 2 potential investigators from it. At one point in shoveling i had to remind myself of how this is my last winter here and that i wont see snow for a while when i get back home. But that thought was hard to hold onto as my fingers were so frozen to the point of not being able to feel the keys in my pocket, my snot was frozen to my upper lip, my toes felt like stumps, and i was tired from being out in the -30 degree weather with the wind blowing right into our faces. It sucked but it was worth it. Looking back on it im proud of myself for going out and doing it and it will all be good memories that i will cherish.

This past week was FULL of Snow and terribly cold weather and windy conditions. But i pushed through it and let my light shine.  Matthew 5:14-16.

This was the snowiest week on record in the past couple of years!!!! SO MUCH SNOW THERE JUST ISNT ANYWHERE TO PUT IT!!!

P.S. there is more to come also!!!

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg

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