Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter seems a lot milder this year... I'M DOING SO GOOD!

Well friends and Family! Its Monday again and i got to hear how each of you are doing. its always good to hear what your up to and what activities you are doing. Now its my turn to tell you how im doing! I'M DOING SO GOOD! This week was full of great days, but also full of some bad times. But you cant always have good days or else they will get dull and boring! So here ya are!

Monday- On Mondays in this area we go to the Dawbin home in the morning and do laundry and do family scripture study with them and their kids. The kids are home schooled and do online schooling. Interesting stuff, i would still rather go to public school but that's just me. This day it was snowing all day. As we were leaving the Dawbin home, brother dawbin walked us out the door in his bare feet and i said "Butch, your in bare feet! Isn't it cold?" he replies with a huge grin on his face. "its the test of a true MAINAH!" as he wiggles his toes in the snow haha! Then for dinner that night we had dinner with the Mcnaughton family where we taught them and their kids how to tell the story of the Book of Mormon using a single piece of white copy paper.

Tuesday-  We had zone conference this day where we got so see President and Sister Stoker, and I got to see Elder Dean! Elder Martineau! Elder Harrington! and Elder Truman! It was a good ole reunion. But i have reached the point in the mission where all the Elders that i know will start to go home and pretty soon all the missionaries that i knew are all home and than i make new friends with the younger missionaries and than i go home on them. its a never ending cycle. This was Elder Dean's last zone conference he flies home on the 28th of January, so does Elder Beck and so does Elder Hansen! 3 of my past companions are going home next week! At zone conference we learned a lot about obedience and why we should be obedient to God's commandments. Short answer is, if were not obedient we are denying ourselves blessings that can help us. So all we are doing is stopping our progression when we disobey God's commandments. After conference i hosted an exchange with Elder Liljenquist who has been out for almost one and a half months. We had a great exchange and he is going to be a leader in the mission. I have no doubt about that.

Wednesday- This day was full of cancellations and we tried stopping by a total of 8 people and none of them were home so... we decided to go tracting. We brought a member of the ward with us, Armando, out tracting. It was cool tracting with him and talking with him and what he thinks of tracting. We didn't find anyone interested in hearing about God or Jesus Christ, but Armando told us he is freezing cold and wanted to go back in the car haha. It was probably 10 degrees outside and he was freezing, so was i but i was used to it. We also did service at Johnson hall and helped set up 125 chairs. I took before and after pictures so you can see what we do there. We met a juggler named Shane who can juggle 8 balls at once. He is super good and is very dedicated to his career of juggling. He practices from 10-4 almost everyday, just juggling and balancing and stuff. At the end of the day we exchanged back.

Thursday- This may have been the busiest day of my mission. From 8 in the morning till 9:30 at night we were out of our apartment and doing work. I can't go in detail of all that we did but we went out with Bishop Abbot to visit members of the ward and sat down and talked with 2 of them for a good while. We stopped by around 10 families in total. We also had lunch with a LA family and also Dinner with a LA family. So we were really really busy running to and fro. Lots of missionary work got done and by the end of the night i laid in bed and i don't even remember pulling the blankets over me... KNOCKOUT!

Friday- We had a lesson planned with one of the LA families and had a struggle finding a member to come out with us because the lesson was at a single lady's home. We ended up getting Bishop to come with us again and as we were getting into Bishops car to head to the lesson she called and cancelled on us. So we decided to stop by the Peters family with Bishop. He invited them to come to church and they said they would. They also wanted us to come over after church to have a scripture study and lunch. We accepted! That night we had a lesson with a former investigator named Richard Shaw. He is from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and he is fully active in that church. He had a friend named Blaine that was also there. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and it was very powerful and we all felt the power that Christ can bring into our lives. They openly said they will NEVER convert and we knew that before even going to their house but it was a great lesson on how everyone is brothers in Christ. When everything boils down to it, we all need Jesus Christ.

Saturday- We helped down at the Food Co-op again destroying walls and helping pull out nails. We also had a couple of lessons set up to have with investigators but they all cancelled except our one with a LA named Peggy lane. She was able to come to church this past Sunday for the first time in 4 years and she loved it.We had a great talk with her and she wants to be fully active. !! Music to a missionaries ears. That's what we want to help everyone do! For dinner we were invited over to Sister Tarbox's parents house, the Brills and had a wonderful meal with them and they are also Seventh-Day Adventist. We talked about Joseph and the Coat of Many Color's and talked about how great of an example Joseph was of forgiveness.

Sunday- Elder Sholer gave his first official missionary talk this day. he talked on how his testimony affects his missionary work. he did a great job and i always give him a hard time because he doesn't talk a lot in lessons, but during his talk he wouldn't stop talking. he did a great job and im proud of him for sharing the thoughts of his heart with everyone. Well the peters family never came to church and cancelled our appointment for scripture study after church. that was a bummer but we ended up receiving a referral to meet a man named Paul in a motel in Manchester Maine. We met him and he drove all the way from Barrow Alaska to Maine. It took him and his wife and daughter 32 days to drive that far! THATS SO FAR!! Talk about are we there yet! Sheesh. But this man Paul is very prepared to hear the Gospel and wants to better his life and knows the only way to truly do it is through Jesus Christ.

That's my week and this upcoming week
mon-wednesday i will be in Topsham on exchange with Elder Hudson
Thursday-hospital service

I got to play some interesting instruments this week. :) That is a sweet jacket a person gave me that i have been trying to get for over a year now!

Remember, they build ships in Bath, Maine...

And all these were taken this morning. As you can see its a really nice day today and all the rain this past weekend wiped all the snow out. So there is actually grass outside!!!!!!!!!

This winter is so much better than last years!

That's all for now folks! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!

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