Monday, January 5, 2015

Caught up!! Happy New Year 2015!!

Big Kahuna!!!!

This email has some days that took place last year so its hard to remember exactly what we did but here goes nothing.

Monday- This day Elder Sholer and I just took it easy and than while we were in line at Walmart to buy our food a member of the ward named Lupe (he is back in California at 29 palms atm) He invited us to go workout with him and his friend at a members house. So we accepted and Elder Sholer and I went over to a members 'cabin' and he had a really nice set up to bench press as much weight as you wanted. So we were there and witnessed a 25 year old guy named Alex bench 310 lbs 1 time for his new all time max. That was pretty epic. The metal bar he was lifting was bending under all the weight. meanwhile i tested out what my max was and it was 180lbs. Which is equal to my body weight. Not too bad but not some 310 pound lift at all.

Tuesday- We did our first day of doing service at the MaineGeneral Hospital and we are working in the Maintenance division. Which means we will help when there is a snow storm or help clean floors or do general labor around the hospital. We ride around in that cool quad thing that i took a picture in. After that we helped out again at the Johnson Hall where one of the volunteers showed up in a surf shop jacket and i couldn't help but talk to her about it. She is a avid beach goer but doesn't surf. She likes the whole surfing culture just doesn't do it because its to cold up here in Maine.
The cart they could drive if they weren't  missionaries and aren't allowed to drive it.....

Wednesday- This was New Years Eve even though it just felt like any other day.... I taught my 2nd district meeting ever and i included a picture of the whiteboard after we were done. I think you can tell what my lesson was on haha. Than we had a great lunch provided by the senior sisters. I went on an exchange in Winthrop Maine after District meeting and spent the night there.

Thursday- New Years Day even though it just felt like any other day..... I did my first baptismal interview this day. I interviewed a man named Terry who was totally ready to be baptised. he was humble and had all of the qualifications to be baptised. I really enjoyed doing the interview too, wasn't nervous one bit. We were out tracting in the outskirts of Winthrop and got to a summer home type area and we tracted a couple doors and realized there was no one here. It was right next to a lake that was frozen over and it was super cool to look at. I had the bright idea to throw some rocks out onto it because the rocks just skipped along the top of the ice and both Elder Sowby and I were really amuzed at it. Than we heard someone behind us yell "DO NOT THROW ROCKS OUT ONTO THE LAKE" To make the story short we were escorted out of the area and left on good terms :) hahaha he sadly didn't want to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ.......

Elder Dahlberg and exchange Elder Sowby

Friday- We finally met up with a potential investigator named John that we met a long time ago during an artwalk. He is interested in meeting with us and we have a day set, Sunday January 11th at 3pm when we will be going over to his house and talking with him. He is an organic farmer and is around the age of 26. He also helps run the soon to be Food Co-op which is replacing the Magic game store below our apartment in Gardiner. We also went over to a family named the Veregge's at the perfect time where we helped their  27yr old son, Andrew stack 2 cords of wood out in the freezing cold windy weather. They had us over for dinner and we shared a lesson but for some reason none of them wanted to stay around except the mom.... Darn teenagers.

Saturday- This was super service saturday. Started with us going downstairs to help the Food Co-op begin their remodeling of the inside of their newly aqcuired building. We had hammers and helped take out shelves and book cases and all sorts of fun stuff. This was a kids dream, going in and just breaking things :) We met a guy named Esben, who is from Denmark and he is a pro piano player and we had the bright idea of giving him one of the portable electric pianos in our apartment since we have 2. So we gave it to him and he was super appreciative of it and we exchanged contact info and we will hopefully be seeing him in the near future! He also was wearing a super cool hat that had a hawaiian hang loose sign on it. Cool guy! Than we helped a member move a giant family heirloom piano out of their apartment. That one piano took 1 hour to move with 5 guys working on it.... Yeah that was huge... Than we helped a deaf man move into the ward and we helped unload his huge Uhaul full of stuff. Than after that we went over to the Peters house to help Rusty cut and split and stack wood to prepare for the coming storm. Needless to say we were beat at the end of the day.

Sunday- We woke up to a winter wonderland and it snowed 6 inches over night. That caused alot of people to not come to church so the building was almost completely empty and none of the people we committed to come to church came... But i don't blame them because i told myself if i wasnt a missionary it would take alot of guts to get up and brave this huge storm that just happened. We had a lesson with the peters about the Plan of Salvation where we opened up the pamphlets and read word for word. Rusty was very combative because he wanted proof of everything we told him in the bible. We proved everything we taught with the bible but he was still semi unaccepting. He Is a very smart man and we arent telling him his beliefs are wrong, we never do that. We are just telling him and everyone for that matter that there is more to learn. Life keeps progressing, we should never stop learning. We finished the night at a members home, the Maschinos where we had hawaiian haystacks at my request :) Great way to end the night!

So this week i will be going on 2 exchanges. From Monday night to Wednesday at district meeting, i will be in Topsham with Elder penverne and than after district meeting i will be going to Dameriscotta till thursday night with Elder Herring.
I am really excited to be in Topsham tomorrow, that is the area i started my mission so i will get to see all my old friends and see sister youland!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Im excited!

Thank you all for your Christmas Cards! I have a ton of them and i feel loved.

All smiles, 
Elder Dahlberg

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