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Backlogged from Dec. 29, 2014 Merry Christmas

Big Letter

So this week i got to skype my family for Christmas! That was the best Christmas Present i could ever have gotten! I love my family so much and being out here in Maine away from them for the holidays helps me to realize how much they mean to me. Family is what makes the Holidays worthwhile. Being out here i see and meet people who say they had the Worst Christmas ever because they have no friends or family to spend it with. Its really sad talking to those people because they are usually very depressed and sad. (also because of the wintery weather out here)

Monday- Did shopping and bought more apples!!! woohooo and got haircuts. woohoo exciting

Tuesday- We went to the most expensive hospital in maine. Its called MaineGeneral and it has one of the prettiest/ most well kept facilities ive ever seen. It was a big beautiful building with fountains and walk paths and its just really nice. We are going to be volunteering there on Tuesdays from 8AM-12PM. Its the first actual service we do here in this area because all the rest is just random spur of the moment service. We also were able to head over to Grechen's house and have a very good sit down conversation with her. She is still searching for her spirituality and isnt super into organized religion. She loves the devotion part of it but she doesnt like the religion and the whole Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ part of it...

Wednesday- (Christmas EVE) We had a big zone meeting where we learned about the power of committing someone to do something. If we teach someone and leave without telling them to do anything we didnt do our job. We need to help people because better and more like Jesus Christ. Christ commits us to do alot but he also gives alot if we follow through with it. So we need to do the same. We need to motivate these people to act by inviting them to change. We were also able to watch a movie called Its a wonderful life. I had never seen it before and i really really liked it. I sat there and about half way through the movie i caught myself thinking about how weird it felt to be watching a real movie while being on my mission. I felt a little strange to be watching it but i just enjoyed it and relaxed. After the movie we had a dinner with our ward mission leader who stuffed us to the brim with his homegrown 36 pound turkey. He raised it this past summer and was waiting for a day to cook it up. So that was a great dinner.
This man's birthday is Dec. 24th...

Thursday- (Christmas DAY!!!) We woke up at 5:45 and drove over to the tarbox's to open our presents with them and that just gave me the Christmas feel because we were all gathered around talking and having a jolly time haha. Than i got to skype which i was super excited for, so excited i went to the bathroom like 3 times because i had to pee haha. But like i said earlier, that just made my Christmas. I actually felt like i was part of the family talking to everyone and seeing friends and family. And i didnt cry the whole time which made it all that much better. We could actually carry a conversation. After the skype we went over to sister Tarbox's parents house and ate lunch and than went on a walk and talked to Sister Tarbox and her husband Bob. We than had dinner with the Peters after that and that went really well.

Some of Elder Dahlberg's Christmas gifts
Grandma sent a "beach in a box" for his Lego dude to enjoy!

Friday- we had another orientation at maine General and than we stopped by a Less-Active sister cadawallader who was already wrapping Christmas Presents for next year. She is a bargain shopper and buys all the leftover toys that were overstocked and marked down because the stores needed to sell em. While we were at her house a car ran off the road just outside their house and it was in a ditch. The lady driving it was super drunk and had a big .270 rifle in the back seat of her car. IDK where she was going but i think its good that she crashed because she wasnt saying nice things about her boyfriend.

Saturday- We helped move the Tarbox's out of their house. Its interesting moving someone out of their house because you walk in at the start of the move and it just looks like a normal house and than before you know it the house is barren and your scrubbing walls, and cleaning toilets and vacuuming! I love the Tarbox family and i am excited for their bright future in Grenora, North Dakota. We stopped by a recent convert member and turned out he was moving too! So we helped them out even though we were in our white shirts and ties. I just rolled up my sleves and took off my tie. We lugged chairs, tables, beds, cabinets down super steep stairs. it was physically tough but thats why i eat my Wheaties in the mornin :)

Sunday- I gave a talk in Church about the scripture Alma 5:14. In my talk i concluded by using Romans 8:31 which says What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

And after my talk a man who i had never seen before came up to me and asked me for a scripture. I told him and than he thanked me and left. SO right after church as we were driving home and on our way home we always pass a Seventh Day adventist church and on their sign was the scripture Romans 8:31. And that wasnt there before i gave my talk in church. So that was a cool experience. I wasnt nervous to give my talk either. I am pretty comfortable up there on the stand talking to a big group of people.

Well thats all i can do for now.
This upcoming week for new years eve and new years i will be on an exchange with the Zone leaders in Winthrop Maine.


All smiles, 
Elder Dahlberg

Letter to Santa from Elder Dahlberg
His letter in return...

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