Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From Jan 12, 2015 Great time back in my first area!! The word of the week is... STEAK!

This week went by really fast because i went on 2 exchanges and i was only working in my home area of Gardiner for 3 days out of this 7 day week. Also the temperature reached -16 degrees one night and we could totally feel it the next morning!

Monday- I spent this night in Topsham (my first area in the mission) with Elder Penverne. he is from france and he taught me some french while i was on exchange with him. he doesnt live near any of the beaches in france so sadly he didnt know much about surfing or the ocean in those parts of the country.

Tuesday- This was the big day that i was excited for! I got to go see Sister Youland!!! We actually had lunch over at their house and Tony made a huge feast for us. She of course had some banana bread for me because i love that stuff so much. We as well taught her a short lesson on how important it is for us to read the scriptures Daily. they have a big impact on our daily lives if we read them and seek for the principles taught in them. We also got to see June wing! She is the same as we left her except she is smoking again.... Darnit June! Overall, this exchange was interesting because i got to see spiritual progression with the people we visited with and that was really cool to see. Seeing growth is one of the coolest things in life. It feels good to know you helped someone along with their lives by teaching them correct doctrinal principles found in the scriptures and in Jesus Christ's Example.

Wednesday- Got to teach district meeting again and it went really well. I enjoy teaching those lessons because you help your district learn and you learn in the process. So its a win win situation. After district meeting i went off exchange to go on exchange. Immediately after district meeting i went to Dameriscotta with elder herring (a spanish speaking missionary). Dameriscotta is a very pretty area. its right on the coast of Maine and we got to go down into probably the richest lobstering town in Maine. Its called Booth Bay Harbor. We taught a lesson to a man who just recently lost his wife and also just found out his best friend died this exact day that we met with him. He was never into God or religion before all these deaths in his family and than he started to question the purpose of our existence. To just live and die and that's all? NOPE! God has a plan for us and you can know that plan if you listen to and follow Jesus Christ and his teachings. This night we had Moose Steaks! Super good. I took pictures of it because it was just that awesome.

Thursday- It was -16 degrees when we woke up this morning and we had to get out and walk to the library in it. Its a really unique feeling having your nostril hairs instantly freeze the second you walk outside. Elder herring was able to say its cold out here when we walked outside and my mouth was pretty much frozen shut haha. My jaw became stiff as we walked. We visited some of their investigators and less-actives and taught a couple of really good lessons. This was a very good day for missionary work because every door we knocked on, people greeted us nicely. (Maybe it was because they thought we were crazy for being outside in the frozen tundra of Maine!) For dinner that night we had it over at a members home and they fed us STEAK! She told us that her freezer broke and  "its as if it (the freezer) knew you were coming, there's just too much steak for us to eat" haha so that was great! than we exchanged back and now i finally got to be with Elder Sholer again.

Friday- We weekly planned for a while than we did service at the local food pantry and it was super busy. usually we help the homeless people pick out food but this time we were out in the kitchen literally cutting the cheese! haha after cutting the cheese we stocked shelves. I enjoy doing volunteer service because anything you do someone is grateful for because its all voluntary. Everyone there WANTS to be there and it just creates a nice enjoyable atmosphere. We tried visiting some former investigators and we had some extra time before going to Applebys for dinner. So we tracted some houses and one guy opened the door and goes, "Im going to let you in to get warm but im just going to kick you back out." So we accepted the boot and talked with him. he was mean at first but than i told him how we as 'Mormons' believe in Jesus Christ and that HE IS OUR SAVIOR, NO ONE ELSE IS. His heart softened a little bit and by the end of our 25 minute talk he accepted a book of Mormon. He didnt want us back but he took one. That was cool. Oh and at applebys the member told me to buy a steak so... I HAD STEAK AGAIN!

Saturday- For breakfast we walked to a local diner because we got a gift card to it so i had steak and eggs for breakfast just to keep my steak eating streak alive. (its 4 days in a row of eating steak). than after that and while We were in our apartment studying and than we get a knock on the door and its the food co-op guys (alex and Max) and they invited us to help them downstairs with the demolition of the interior. They are stripping it clean. So we took off our white shirts and ties and put on service clothes and went at it with hammers! I loved it so much! They were really appreciative of us helping them out. We than showered and changed and headed off to do missionary work. We tried stopping by some less- active members and investigators but no one had the time to visit with us. We tried a family named the Johnson's 2 kids (14yr old girl and 11 yr old boy who was for some reason in a Halloween costume dressed as a piece of Bacon haha) that we were told to try by a member. Turned out they needed our help moving some boxes upstairs from their basement. So we helped them and than got to the point where they enjoyed us and wanted to take us out to dinner. They took us out to eat at a convenience store haha. that's Maine for you. But hey its the thought that counts. We are going to try and meet weekly with them.

Sunday- We got to see a missionary farewell talk in our ward. He is an 18 yr old kid named Vee who is going to Macon, Georgia on his mission. He leaves in February. That was cool to see a soon to be missionary and i could see myself in him. I have grown alot over my mission.... Its really strange to say but ive grown alot!! We were invited over to a less active members home to eat dinner and guess what we had for dinner..... It starts with an S and ends with Ache... STEAK!!!!! 5 days in a row! At the LA members home we taught him about the doctrine of Christ is 2 nephi 31. If you want to learn about Jesus Christ. Read that chapter. As well as St. Matthew chapter 5 in the Bible. But that was my week!

This upcoming week we have zone conference on Tuesday and than ill be on exchange till wednesday night. And thats all we have so far.

The missionary work is progressing up here in Gardiner, maine. I am loving being an advocate of Jesus Christ and going out and fulfilling his statement of "Feed My Sheep"

Love you all and i hope you stay safe and i look forward to hearing about your lives next monday!!!

All Smiles, 
Elder Dahlberg

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