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Backlogged from Dec. 22, 2014 Elder Dahlberg is a District Leader!

(Still minimal editing...)

Gigantor letter

Monday- This was my last day with the Augusta Elders. Elder Stauffer and Gray. They were spending the night at our apartment for 5 nights so i got to know both of them really well. Elder Stauffer and I had a great connection and it was almost like losing a close friend when they left. We baked them a cake at our member meal that night and had Elder Stauffer and Elder Sholer shove their faces into it haha.

Tuesday- We dropped off the Augusta Elders at the church where they would head down to Transfer Meeting in New hampshire and Elder sholer and i spent the day doing missionary work. We stopped by a potentials house named john, but he wasnt home but his 2 room mates were. Alex and Veruniche. They have 2 kids together and are all into organic farms and into natural foods. NO PRESERVATIVES!!! They are pretty hipster and relaxed, which is completely different than most maine folk. This is the day i had my first up close and personal woman breast feeding. During dinner she just pulls down her shirt and brings her baby to her chest. Elder Sholer and I just immediately stared right down at our food and tried our best to inspect each bite as it went into our mouths haha.
(I was laughing so hard as I read this!!)  This couple isnt interested in investigating our church but they like to philosophy and learn about it. After that we had another dinner with a member who is going on his mission to Macon, Georgia leaving on Feb 18th and at the dinner he had a nonmember friend whose name is Tori and she is graduating the year, of 2015 (sounds like another Tori i know!) But this Tori was interested in us and wanted to learn more about our beliefs. She told us she didnt want to make any commitments but was willing to listen to our message. We taught her the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation during the dinner. She agreed with all of it and as for if she wants to continue to learn we know not.. She wouldnt say...

Wednesday- This day i taught my first district meeting and it went really well. I wasnt all that nervous i just wanted to make sure every missionary in the meeting felt needed and that they werent there just to waste time. In our district is 4 elders and 4 sisters. Here are their names and their areas.
Farmingdale 1- Elder Dahlberg and Sholer (sholer is a newer missionary)
Farmingdale 2- Sister Collins and Bee (Bee is a newer missionary)
Dameriscotta- Elder Herring and Liljenquist (Liljenquist is a brand spanking new missionary)
Topsham 1- Elder Hudson and Penverne (penverne is from France)
Topsham 2- Sister Farr and Edwards  ( these are senior missionary sisters.)

As you can see i have my first area in my district and i will be going on 2 exchanges there. Which means i get to see all my old less-actives and investigators from the first 6 months of my mission!!!

Thursday- We did service at the public library like usual on this day and also helped out at Johnson Hall. Those are our only 2 community service things. We are looking for another to go do. This is also the day we went to Peter C***** house, (The nazi guy) He is heavily into chewing tobacco and is in all sorts of body pains and takes all sorts of medications. He is a fairly immature man and pretty inappropriate with his words. He doesnt have a filter from his brain to his mouth so it makes our visits interesting..... After our visit there i got picked up to drive down to Manchester New Hampshire for Mission leadership Training tomorrow.

Friday- Spent all day on my butt today. I got tons of information that will totally help me in being a leader in the mission and in life. I learned all about what qualities a true leader has and what is expected of me as a leader. I also saw all my old mission friends and its crazy to think how we are all in leadership positions now.

Dahlberg & Jensen (his MTC roommate)

Dahlberg & Dean (his 2nd companion)

Dahlberg & Beck (3rd companion?)
Dahlberg & Lervold (4th companion)
Dahlberg & Hansen (5th companion)

Saturday- We didnt leave our apartment until 4pm on this day.. Which means i was on my butt again all day haha. So you may ask why were you in your apartment until 4pm? Well let me explain. 6:30-10AM we did exercise, breakfast, and personal and companionship study. 10-11 we did new missionary training called 12 week. from 11-2 we did weekly planning where we plan out our whole week and what lessons to teach and who to see and what new efforts we are going to try and evaluate on the last weeks efforts. 2-3 we ate lunch and 3-4 we had an apartment inspection... So there is why we didnt get out of our apartment until 4pm. The sun was already down by the time we left... CRAZY!!!!!! Needless to say my butt was ready to get up and get moving! We were able to bring Armando (member of our ward) to visit some less-actives and one of them named David Raftus answered the door and talked to us outside in the freezing cold for about an hour. He wasnt interested in coming back to church this instant but he wasnt against the church which is the normal response we get. After that we had dinner at the Dawbin's home who gave us vegetable stir fry! They are very good cooks and great members of the church!

Sunday- We were able to have 2 less actives at church. One of them was raymond our 86 year old less active who has been wanting to come to church but hasnt been feeling well and the other named Greg Helm. A man who we tried contacting a couple of times but never had the time to meet with us. It was great to see him and he enjoyed the Christmas Program!

As for the peters family, we werent able to see them at all this week. Things just didnt align and they didnt come to church... So we will work even more diligently on meeting with them this week

My schedule for this week is
tuesday- go to hospital to apply for service
wednesday- go to a zone meeting where we will get to watch "its a wonderful life!!!" than have dinner at Brother Walkers house (our WML)
Christmas day- skype and go to peters at 3 than back to tarboxs

thats all i got for this week!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LETTERS!!! I am getting so many and i just love opening them every night!

Elder Dahlberg

This is the grave of one of our relatives:  1st cousin 8 x removed. (for Elder Dahlberg)

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