Friday, February 7, 2014

I survived a Blizzard... Dairy Queen blizzard that is...!!

     So this week has been pretty interesting. It actually has been a nice week weather wise. We have had temperatures about 30 for the past couple days and i kid you not it feels great. this past week i survived a blizzard though.. Well that's what the locals call it. Dairy Queen just re opened this past Saturday and the Youlands took us to lunch there. I got a blizzard snickers edition. I thought of you mom when i got it.

     Anyways this past week we didn't have a lot of members meals which means we needed to cook our own meals. I am beginning to learn how to cook on the stove. I can do rice perfectly and cook chicken all the way through and i can prepare salads and do spices and do mashed potatoes also. I am just beginning on my food adventures also haha. I had a homemade ginger cake that i bought at the local farmers market and it was really good. It was like a cupcake but made up of ginger and spices and junk. yum. Than on Thursday i woke up from a good night sleep with the stomach flu. That flu is going around to everyone here in Maine and its not pretty. All Thursday i was immobilized and lets just say that the toilet became my best friend. Anyways...  this past week i got to go on an exchange with our district leader Elder Jensen. The story about him is that he started his mission here in Bath and he got transferred after 6 months of being here just down to Yarmouth which is still in the district. So now that he is district leader he is making the exchanges so that he has the chance to come back to his past area of Bath and see all the people he taught. We had a blast on that exchange. He is such a great guy and we stayed up later than we should because we just couldn't stop talking.
District Leader Elder Jensen

Drew's got the flu... boo hoo hoo!

     As of right now we don't know anything new on P**** B****.  And Alex is still dropped off the radar. So pretty much we don't have an investigator to work with. Its frustrating but we are keeping our heads held high. On Sundays, usually we walk around the streets of Bath and talk to people. No one likes to stop and just talk. But one guy  did. His name is J*** Mac G****. He is an odd one. We were just walking and this guy comes out of his house and stops in his tracks and just stares at us and i say hey. he says hey. I say whats up? And he said I'm spring cleaning. and we were like its the middle of winter, why are you doing that. He said because the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. And i just like rolled my eyes and elder dean asked him if we could help. We never ended up helping but he talked to us and how we should go out in the world and go on adventures because you don't want to be stuck in a rinky dink town called Bath and be stuck there. haha He then said we should do all that before 'the shovel starts to tap us in the face with dirt'. (he meant getting buried) He then talked about his 2 favorite greek Gods. Flabicus and Patheticus. haha this guy was hilarious. We then asked if we could come by again sometime and he said sure. So we will see how that works out but man he is funny.

     We have stopped giving our laundry to the Wings because we are relieving them of that burden but this morning we walked our laundry to the only laundromat close to us and it costed 12 dollars to wash and dry our clothes. Is it me or is that just ridiculous. That is a lot of money and that didn't include the detergent we used. I thought that was a little high. This upcoming week we have zone conference on Thursday and i will be going on another exchange with elder Jensen on Wednesday. So that will be fun. On Wednesday we will be in Yarmouth.

     We officially have the apartment of 54 office drive. We will be moving in on February 14, Valentines day. So that means that no one should send me mail to the 962 Middle Street address anymore. 
Send it to the mission office.
That's all i got for now y'all.

 Here are a couple of interesting houses he sent pictures of...
A HUGE Pink house

A funny multi-colored house

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