Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That is a great idear Mom!

Dear Friends of Elder Dahlberg,
Sorry I'm a bit late this week, but here you go...  I sent Drew some pictures I copied from Tori's Facebook page and he answered, "thanks for the pictures. THAT IS A GREAT IDEAR MOM! copying pictures off of facebook and sending them to me. I like that. Tori looks like she is living the californian dream. The teenage girls here dont look that happy. haha most of them are wrapped up in huge coats trying to keep themselves from freezing."

Of course, I replied, "A great Idear??  haha"

"im trying to get my Mainer accent down. I know that if i keep doing that it will eventually be engrained into my head and i will forever talk like a Mainer. haha isnt that funny? Thats how they talk. If a word ends in an a. Examples: Garcia, pizza, sofa, They will be said like this: Garciar, pizzar, and sofer. haha its quite funny. I'm trying to pick it up. ill start sending pictures that i took this week."

I'm getting to be better buddies with elder dean. We have a lot in common and we both love to exercise so that's also good.

Elders Dean and Dahlberg  (nice ring to it, eh?)

Elder Dean as a mobster??

     Okay so this past week has been sorta dry with lessons taught... A lot of people we normally try to teach either haven't been home or just weren't available so we tried our best. A lot of our missionary efforts recently have been on finding Less-active people in our ward. We have been going down the ward list and trying to contact those people we don't know. Most of the time they don't answer the door or they moved and no longer live at that address. So pretty much we are like detectives trying to find out all this information about the person that we have never seen or met. We actually made contact with a couple of the less actives and 1 of them said he knows where the church is and he will contact them when he needs them and the other felt ashamed that she hadn't been coming to church. We invited her to come and she didn't but hey we at least made contact with her. Other than that we have been going over potential investigators and formers. So far i have yet to find a new solid investigator that has interest in learning more about the church. People aren't even interested in learning about God in general.. Its kinda sad but whatever its their choice. not mine. 

     Some highlights that happened this week was on Timmy's birthday I made a peach cobbler with the help of Elder Dean and Sister Youland. (She did most if not all of it, i just did the eating) And that morning elder dean and I bundled up and went running to the local donut shop for a donut. It was 0 degrees outside while we were running and i could definitely feel it. 

Let's go run in Zero degree weather!

Happy Birthday to Timmy!

     We volunteer at a food pantry on Fridays where we are told to do all the heavy lifting and stocking of the shelves. Stocking cans of vegetables/sauce/spaghetti/cereal/tuna/canned soups/etc. The 'boss' named P**** really appreciates that we come by and volunteer. at the end of our time there she usually sneaks us a snack or bread or something. This time she snuck us an invitation to her house to eat dinner on Thursday. She told us that she had had the elders over at her house when she was little and the reason they came over is because her father had offered them a home cooked meal once a week and that the door was open for the elders to come over. And knowing elders, i bet they didn't miss 1 week of those free meals. So she has had some experience with missionaries in the past and she is just extending a hand of friendship to us by offering us dinner. So we hope all goes well there. 

     I don't have any updates on Jay this week. But Alex didn't come to church this Sunday and he didn't come to Book of Mormon class that we hold on Wednesdays. We are kind of left in the dark with him. He is so solid in terms of Spirituality. Just he is technically homeless so he is bouncing from home to home and living off of others.. We will try and see whats up with him this week. We do have an update on P**** B*****, (guy with the dog) <---- that is funny because almost every single man here in New England has a dog by his side. talk about mans best friend :) Anyways P**** under went a heart bypass surgery because he had 5 blockages in his heart. In the surgery they almost lost him twice and during the operation he had entered into a coma for 70 minutes. In the end the surgery was successful and he had returned home after being in the hospital for 7 days. We called him last Friday at 10am  and he answered and said we could come over at 2pm. So we walked all the way over there and he wasn't home when he said he would be. We thought it was strange and returned to home/ wherever we went after. The next day we stop by to check up on him and his sister was home and she told us he had a stroke and returned to the hospital and is in critical condition. So as of right now we know P**** is in Cmmc in lewiston and we sent missionaries over there to give him a blessing or to just see how he is doing. We hope for the best. 

     Other news. this past Sunday, yesterday, i gave my first big man talk. It was a 15 min talk on the subject of 'Feelings' A one word subject, but i rocked it. i would tell you what i talked about but i don't have time to write it all. For short i talked about feeling the Holy ghost in your day to day life. 

     That is all the info i have for this week. If you are wondering how i am doing with Elder Dean, we are having fun playing ice soccer. While walking we can kick ice chunks around and if you make it between the other Elders legs than its a goal. We are tied I think. Haha we also throw snowballs at each other and i now know that i have a use for my 12 years of baseball. Snowballs make perfect baseballs. I aim at signs and i hit them almost every time i try. Thanks to the support and some other info is we will be moving out of our crappy apartment to 54 office drive on February 14. Its still unofficial but this Wednesday we will find out if its official or not because the apartment manager for the missionaries is coming up to check it out. So hopefully he does because this apartment is nice! I hope we get it! 

Oh and if you are wondering if i want anything for my birthday? Probably a picture book or a collage of our families adventures through the years. Elder Dean has one and it is wicked cool. They did it through some website or something. Idk what site but that's what i want. :) Love you mom and keep on steppin! 

Mom's note:  His birthday is February 17th if anyone cares to send him a card...

Keep those emails coming!  He loves to read them!

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