Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elder Dahlberg finds new "tubes".

This is Elder Dahlberg at his finest. And yes my tongue did get stuck. 
This is Elder Dahlberg trying to find a tube in Maine!

Dear Friends and Family,
Sorry it took me a while to get this up... trying to get back to normal after the holidays isn't always easy...  Anyway, here you go.  Here are some pictures of that crazy missionary!

     "Okay so this week has been one of the slowest ones of my mission. I am not sure why it moves so slowly but it may have to do with the weather reaching to -20 degrees and Elder Lund and I having to stay inside our apartment for hours on end. On Thursday our mission president issued a mission wide vehicle grounding where we couldn't drive anywhere because of the blizzard that hit. I thought that blizzards were ferocious and crazy but this one was semi calm and snow was just consistently falling all day. 

     Well to change things up a little bit. I ended up spending new years in Bath with a zone leader named Elder Parsons. i couldn't go to Winthrop because i didn't have driving privileges and neither did the other elder so we had to make due. I spent new years in the apartment and didn't stay up till mid night...... It was strange but the time to party is for after my mission, not during. 

     So for the New year our mission is implementing a scripture memorization program where we are to memorize a different scripture everyday so that by the end of the year we will have a photographic memory. At first i was not so into it but after memorizing a couple of scriptures and realizing it can be a competition between missionaries i started to get into it.  

     Our transfer ends on January 12th. I am pretty sure i will get to stay in my area but you never know. i think Elder Lund will be sent somewhere else and that will be sad because we get along so well together and than i will have to learn to cope with a different companion. Well change is usually for the better so i will keep my hopes up. This week in -20 weather Elder Lund and I walked all the way to Sis Youland's house where she was mad at us for walking there and ends up her husband wasn't home just yet so we stayed outside in the cold because we aren't allowed to be inside without another male 18 years or older. Sis Youland gave us hot chocolate and banana bread so it wasn't all that bad. 

That is what Elder Lund and I were wearing during the -20 degree day that we walked to the Youlands. haha so cold my snot froze inside my nose.

     A funny experience happened this Tuesday when we were volunteering at a local soup kitchen and we were in the back washing dishes. We were just wiping away and trying to get as much done before another pile got loaded up, when a guy walks in and yells "Hows your prophet doing?" I turned and told him "I haven't ever met him but i think he is doing pretty good." He then looks at me like i should know him and than walks away. Then returns and told us his name is T***** and that he wants a triple combination from us. We did have one on us but this Tuesday we told him to come back to that exact spot at that exact same time and we will be there with a triple combination for him. He agreed.
     Also the man we met with the dog named Pete B**** never came to church and after church we headed to his house to see why, but he wasn't there. Elder Lund and I looked at each other like, Okay a guy who cant read or write, who has eye cataracts, and 5 clogging vessels in his heart. Where is this guy at. We are still in wonder as to where he is. We feel he may have just gone out on an errand or something. We will keep trying to stop by because this guy really wants to come back to church and we can help him with that. I found that on fast Sundays it is easier to fast for someone other than yourself. I feel that is a much better way to fast and i got a lot more out of it than if i were to be fasting for myself. 

This is frost on a window (in case you couldn't tell!)

This is what Maine looks like 99% of the time.

A pretty sunset

Words of Elder Dahlberg to the MM2 Ward
"Thank you for being such a supportive ward in helping me become a missionary.  I want to especially say thank you to The Oldners for magnifying their callings to the fullest and going out of their way to help me learn about the Gospel and about Life. I also want to thank the Harrells, the Dean's, The Sensenbaughs, The Noltes, The Alders, The Reinfleschs, and Everyone else in the ward! I know it took 18 years but hey, in the end i at least learned how to put a black nametag on my white shirt pocket. So that's progress isn't it? Love you all" 

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