Monday, January 20, 2014

Good bye Elder Lund, Hello Elder Dean

Elder Lund gets transferred.
Elder Lund and his trained missionary

Elder Lund went to Laconia New Hampshire.  He will be a Zone Leader.

Most of the missionaries who are being transferred go to Manchester and then get told where to go from there. So its pretty crazy after the meeting cause people are trying to get their luggage and go with a new companion to a new area. Pretty crazy.

Elder Dahlberg's "homie" from the MTC, Elder Jensen
     Okay so this week I got a whole new companion. his name is Elder Dean. He is from Georgia and he is going to be an orthodontist after his mission. Elder Lund got sent to Laconia, New Hampshire.  I have no idea where that is but he will do an awesome job there I'm sure of it. On Thursday we had a zone meeting where we got to meet our zone and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of our areas. We had a weakness of new investigators which was the same weakness for all 7 other areas haha. So we are trying to get people interested, they just need to choose to listen. Agency...... 
Elders Dahlberg and Dean 
Popham State Beach
 After zone meeting Elder Dean and I went with the Youland's to Fort Popham State Beach and I finally got to see the Atlantic ocean go off into the horizon. It was a cool sight. I tried to get a picture but the camera can't capture the awesomeness of that moment. I ran my fingers through the sand and it took my back to running on the beach headed for the surf.


     On Saturday there was a ward activity at roller world and even though we weren't allowed to go roller blading, we still went and we brought the entire Borges family and then they invited their friends and it was awesome because they all came and were bonding with the ward. 

     On Sunday.. we were informed that Alex didn't need to be picked up because he had an appointment with the doctor and that he would come to church after. Turns out we didn't see that Louisiana man all day on Sunday. He stood us up and now he is no longer able to be baptized on the 2nd of February. We aren't forcing him to be baptized and he knows that. We are just trying to help him the best we can and be the best help possible. 

     On Sunday we were also informed that the Jones family is leaving. They are the ward mission leader and they were awesome. They are moving to Draper, Utah and left that same day... 

     Pete B**** went in for his 5 vein blockages in his heart. He had a 5 heart bypass surgery on Thursday and we don't know how that went.. We hope all is well but you never know with open heart surgeries. 

     The  Sisters had a baptism on Sunday.  He was the father of a part member family.

    Yesterday it snowed a lot and it was a wet snow so it stuck to everything. 

The snow stuck in my hair!
Look at the stop sign!

      I am still adjusting to a new companion and the downs of being a missionary. I am still confident i just am having a hard time with day to day operations. I love hearing the answer to a question i was asked by a missionary during my first month on the mission. I got asked 
"What is the happiest moment of your life" 

At the time i had no idea how to answer it and i still have a hard time answering it. But I would love to hear what your answer is to this question. This question is for all who read my blog....
Mormon or not. Boy or girl. Black or white. Human or alien. haha 

Wish me a good week this week. :)

Hmmm, emails would probably be welcome!! (Says Mom...)

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