Monday, February 10, 2014

Switching Apartments on Feb. 14th or 15th depending on snow..

Dear Family and Friends,
Yay!  I'm on time this week.  I'll try to piece together all the little emails I got today with answers to various questions...  Enjoy!

   Yes we got snow last night only an inch though so not that bad. On Wednesday we got like 6 or 7 inches which was pretty cool. I like the snow. Most people here absolutely hate it though, its kind of funny to talk to the New Englanders and how much they hate winter..

Here's what 6 or 7 inches of snow looks like on cars...

The areas in my district.
Yarmouth Elders (Elder Jensen+Elder Hansen)
Yarmouth Sisters (Sister Davis+Sister Escobar)
Topsham Sisters (Sister Hoffman+Sister Shipley)

There are 10 zones in the mission. 2 zones per stake. There are only 2 stakes in Maine and i am in the Augusta Stake. But part of the Augusta South Zone. There are no other newer missionaries in this whole zone. Last transfer only 3 elders came out so not a whole lot right now. We expect the big boom of elders to come once summer hits.

      Don't worry about the laundromat. We don't have to go there anymore because by next p day we will have the new apartment and it has its own washer and dryer! Which is awesome. So don't worry about the laundry anymore its all over with and done. never going to have to go back to that over-priced place ever again haha.   

     SO this week i am a bit short on time because i didn't start typing this big letter till later but this week i want to cover some stuff that happened and what i do. It will be a bit sparattic (I had to leave that one un-spellchecked cuz it was so funny!)so here i go. This week i got to go to a zone conference. (A big fireside like meeting where all the missionaries in Maine come to) We got to learn about what our mission president wants us to focus on and we learned about how the mission is just 2 years but it will effect the way you live the rest of your life. So our president told us not to be focused on going home, but to be focused on the day at hand because if you spend all your time thinking about the day you will go home, your just going to lose the time you have right now. And the time you have right now is what makes the going home part so good. So work for right now and worry about home later. I totally agree with what he said.
Pres. & Sister Stoker at Zone Conference

District Leader Elder Jensen


     I also found out that one of our Less-actives named Pete Buxton died from a stroke. He was the one with the dog and we just happened to catch him at the right time while he was outside his house. Elder Lund and I found him and put him on the Ward List so he could become part of the ward and now this past Sunday we had to take him off the Ward List because he is no longer a member of the ward... So that was a different kind of experience. That's the 3rd person that i have met that has died... I wont be able to attend Pete's funeral because it will be held during the spring in some other town outside of our area(r).

     Things i typically eat that i can control are Almonds, yogurt and granola, oatmeal,  apples, tuna, chicken, peas, peanut butter and jelly, canned fruits and rice. At member meals we get a wide variety of things from tuna sandwiches to attempts at mexican food. Surprisingly not a lot of fish or lobster.... That's a bummer because i love that stuff, well lobster haha.

     We found out that in our entire mission we get about 2-3 baptisms a week. Which is pretty low, But all in all, baptisms are just a statistic, I'm not out here to baptize all of new england. I'm out here to change peoples lives for the better. I'm out here to bring people to understand what Jesus Christ means to not only me but to them. I'm out here to tell them the answers to those deep questions like
-Where did i come from?
-Why am i here?
-Where am i going?
I love hearing those questions come out of someones mouth because i KNOW i have the most correct answer that anyone can possibly give. Its all about the Plan of Salvation. I am always just wanting to teach people but they never want to listen. Its quite frustrating and it gets me down a lot, but i just remember why I'm out here and i remember all those who are supporting me and that lifts me up and all is well. I just need to keep taking life one step at a time.
     On Friday we are moving into our new apartment and i am excited for that because i picked out this apartment hoping it was within our price range and it was and everything worked out and now we are moving in. We will be packing for the move Friday morning and moving all Friday. So that should be fun. WE will have to do a huge deep clean of our current apartment because it needs it.... badly.... A cool little fact. In new england at church when it is time to sing the 3rd hymn everyone stands up to stretch and wake up. Every Sunday when its the 3rd hymn of sacrament meeting we stand and sing it. That's all i could manage sorry mom. G2g. LOVE YOU!!!!

     Hopefully you can compile the info into a better letter. I didn't have a lot of time because i was writing other people. Sorry about that mom. I love you and i know you know that but i want to tell you anyways just because. We found a cannon on a hill and we took some quick pictures. :) don't worry only the whole city of Bath saw us doing that!

Other interesting houses:

This house is part castle!

Wow!  That's yellow!!

At the Youland's river deck:

I think that water is called Hanson Bay on the Kennebec River
Ice chunks on the river's edge

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