Monday, February 24, 2014

I don't think I'm homesick one bit...

Birthday cake from one of their ward families
  Hi mom. I didn't get transferred. Elder Dean and I are going to stay here another transfer. I'm happy about that.  I am still at 54 office Dr and will be at least until April 6th.
     As far as the scripture memorization goes its hard to do it because it really takes up a lot of time during personal study which is the time that i get to study the scriptures and other church materials. I know were supposed to be memorizing them in the off time in the car but in that time were talking about who we are going to see and what not and we don't even have a car for half the week. So i am not doing very well on the memorizing part but I am writing the scriptures down and I want to at least be fond with the scriptures that are listed. I will enjoy the happy thoughts haha. :) Now that I think about it, I don't think i am homesick one bit. I am loving my time on my mission and its precious time. It goes by pretty quick and next things next I'm on the plane coming home and i have to actually start 'real life'. Being on a mission gets to extend my time away from the world and all that entails. Although I do miss the family a little bit here and there but i don't let that affect me because I know i will have eternity to be with you after my mission.
     Some things I did this week was help a Colombian lady named Janet set up for a huge dinner party she was hosting. She is fundraising for her trip to Nicaragua because she goes down there and helps out the little villages and such with sanitation and just overall living. She brings clothes, water filters, tooth brushes and all that kind of stuff for them so that they can have better living conditions. But this dinner costed $50 a seat and it was very fancy. She cooked a 7 course meal and used her Fine China for the plates. I learned dinner etiquette and i now know that real crystal makes awesome sounds when you clink it and bring it past your ear. All we did for Janet was set the tables up and set the table and decorations and than help serve/prepare the food for the meal. We did not attend the dinner because it would have been past our bed time. We cut enough tomatoes and red peppers to last a life time.
     Also this week we helped the Jones family clean out the inside of their house because they are moving. We cleaned so much that my fingers permanently smell like Windex but hey it was all for a good cause so I'm not throwing a fit. :) Also this week Sis. Borges finally had her baby. IDK if I told you she was pregnant but she was. haha So her name is Irelynn and from what Sis Borges told me she was ready to come out. haha
     This Sunday our ride bailed on us and it was 15 minutes until church started and we were frantically calling around for people to bring us and than finally bro hubbard answered and came and got us. We missed Sacrament but we heard a talk where the speaker talked about nutrition and said "Jesus fed the 5000 with fish and bread, not cookies and soda." I thought that was pretty funny.
     This week has been very good weather and I couldn't have asked for a nicer day the past couple of days. I saw the temp get up to 55 and i actually felt a sun ray on my skin and almost fainted. It felt amazing to see the sun and feel it. Hopefully there aren't any snow storms coming because I'm ready for spring. :)  Last Monday on my birthday after emails we rushed home and than we got in normal people clothes and went on a small hike on a place called Thornhead preserve. The hike wasn't what you think of one as. I know your imagining a hike with dirt and shrubby bushes, like iron mountain. This hike was in 1+ feet of snow and we were trudging through tall pines that were all  really close together. Almost no elevation change haha none.... Pretty pathetic in terms of that. But it was really cool getting to the end.
Thornhead Preserve
     I went on an exchange to Yarmouth and we did service at a food pantry and when we were finished the owner went into the freezer and grabbed this huge 72oz whoopie pie and told us to take it and enjoy it. So we took it and ate some of it that night. I barely even ate 5 oz because of how rich it was but it was huge! We didn't get a whole lot of lessons in this week because of the spontaneousness of things. Like going on last minute exchanges, people calling us to have us over for dinner, and none of our potential investigators were home :/
Huge Whoopie Pie!

Snow covered Elder nametag

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