Monday, December 2, 2013

I see snow!! Delayed post from Nov 25 2013

Sorry I missed last week.  I was in Arizona helping my mother recover from leg surgery, then it was Thanksgiving, etc.  Here's the news and pictures from last week!

Okay so heres some new info i got, this Christmas i will be able to skype for 1 hour!!! Really awesome. President stoker told us that on wednesday and i just couldnt wait to tell you that. So in that hour you can get the big presents and things of that manner all ready and prepared for me to watch haha.

(Random things) Out here in Maine, the members love to serve dessert after dinner. the MOST popular item is called a Whoopie Pie. it is like a giant oreo cakester. Looks like an oreo but doesnt taste like one. Its pretty much two pieces of chocolate cake with frosting in between them to make it look like a sandwich.

When Elder Lund and I walk around at night, the streets smell like wood burning. It smells like it did during the October fires a couple years back. It smells SO GOOD to me and it just reminds me of camping and putting things into the firepit.

This thursday the ward is holding a turkey bowl but we are not aloud to play in it.. :( Such a bummer, but we are going as support because there will be some Less-Actives there and i think an investigator. This past sunday none of our investigators showed up... Alex didnt show. Ian didnt show. The G*** family didnt show.. (If you dont know about the g**** family ill talk about them in a little bit.)

As if you didnt know, winter is coming here in maine and elder lund and I live in a very old apartment with radiators that only work some of the times. So we have found that candles work great in warming up the apartment so we go to dollar tree and buy candles and light them so we can keep ourselves warm. We also are not in control of when the radiators turn on and turn off which kind of sucks too.

Elder Lund trying to keep warm.

This week i saw my first snowflake fall from the sky. Elder Lund  and i were at the youlands home doing service by picking weeds and cutting vines from inside a well. It was cold outside so we decided to go inside and have some hot chocolate while our fingers defrosted (well actually my fingers were defrosting while everyone elses were perfectly fine.) As sister youland was talking i was starting out the window and my journal entry will finish this sentence. "I was staring out the window and all of a sudden this white cottonball thing flutters down out of the sky and I was like what the heck was that?! Sure enough it was SNOW! at 1:55 PM on November 19th I saw my first snowflake." haha pretty epic huh? WAIT it gets better! This past friday we were walking to the Local baptist soup kitchen to serve people food and it started to officially snow. It was so awesome to walk while snow just fell around you. It was not a hard snow and there was no wind blowing so the snowflakes just gracely fell and when they touched you they instantly melted. It was a really neat experience. the best way i can describe it to someone who hasnt seen it snow, it reminds me of when a campfire is all extinguished and its just red embers. Than you blow really hard at it and all the ashes fly everywhere and that is what snow looks like when it snows.

Message in the snow... HI MOM

On Wednesday we found out that Brother Haines died. (The old feller who we visited in the retirement home). We attended his Funeral service on Saturday and there were only maybe 30 people who showed up.. really sad. Only 1 of his family members came and the rest didnt come just because the service was held at the mormon church building. The rest of his family is all baptist and they apparently hate the mormon church and dont want anything to do with it. Pretty sad that the family didnt even want to attend their own brothers funeral. THAT WILL NEVER BE THE CASE FOR OUR FAMILY! We, the Dahlbergs are one heck of a family and will never let anything like that get between us.

So now about the G*** family. This family is comprised of a mom and a dad and a daughter the age of 19. The mom and the dad are both bus drivers and both work at the local YMCA gym. they spoil their 19 year old daughter and they are very nice and welcoming people. This family is investigating the church and has been for about a year now. they have received all the lessons already and they even had a baptismal date set once but it fell through. So elder Lund and I visit them about once a week and this week we purchased a frame from the local dollar tree and put The Family Proclamation in it and we gave it to them as a gift. they really really liked it especially the wife. She and her husband said they want to join the church sometime but now doenst work.. They said probably when their daughter moves out. Which isnt going to happen anytime soon... Booooo!

Yesterday we were given a 2 foot Christmas tree and we set it up in our apartment and its a very nice edition. I like it but its just a little early for Christmas to me. I feel like the Christmas season should start December 1st. But whatever. haha other than all that everything is okay. the letters are dying down to one a week, which is a bummer but i know that everyone loves me even when i dont get letters.

Somebody gave us a Christmas Tree!
Lunch made by Elder Dahlberg "Lots of carb, I know, Mom".

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