Monday, December 16, 2013

The Blind leading the Blind

We read on the internet that Bath had 12.25" of snow, so of course, we asked if this was true...

 I am on right now mom and I am actually pretty warm. It did blizzard this weekend and we got around 13 inches of snow. It is funny to say this but its warmer when it snows. Because lately its been in the 10 degrees and when it snows its around 20-30 degrees. So yeah it feels much better when snow is outside and falling. The sun is out today and its a beautiful day. I have loads of emails to respond and read and I have a busy day ahead of me. at 2 im going to bowl with sis youland and than shop than go to a big lobster feast at the merrimans house again and than have an exchange. For the next  2 days Elder Swalberg will be my companion. We will be in Bath.

 I should have taken better pictures. Sorry mom. haha I was enjoying the snow too much.

This has been a crazy adventurous week. I went to Augusta on Monday and had a temporary exchange while my companion elder lund was at a training meeting down in NH. I was in a trio with 2 brand spankin new missionaries so it was 3 new missionaries walking the streets of Augusta. haha elder lund called it the "Blind leading the Blind" I got to see the Capitol building which was really cool and big. Biggest building ive seen on my mission.

3 blind mice??

ON friday we had zone interviews with President Stoker. I was really nervous at first to go into a 1 on 1 interview with our mission president but the second i sat down for the interview all the nerves went away and i just felt comfortable to be myself. We had a great interview and one thing he told me is that "You WILL be a great leader in this mission!" I wasnt all that shocked when he told me that to be honest haha but i know its big shoes to fill and when the time comes, I'll fill them shoes right up.

This friday was also our ward Christmas party. All for the past 2 weeks our focus was to get people to that party. we handed out fliers. walked miles to follow up and even called them to remind them. but we invited about 10-15 nonmember/ less active families and only 1 showed up. It was a bummer but we looked at the bright side and were thankful for that one family that showed up.

Here is a funny/sad story. At the end of the ward party we started cleaning up and picking up chairs and putting away food and stuff and than a lady named Sister M**** shows up with her Egg custard pie and her pineapple-coconut ice cream all ready for the party. (She lives about an hour away in a town called Harpswell) She comes to us and goes... "What happened.. did the party cancel?" we say "uhh sister M****... the party is over" she than tells us that she doesn't understand what is going on and that the party should still be happening. The conversation ended when she handed us the pie and walked over to the sister missionaries and started asking where the party was going. Haha idk whats up with her but she is definitely an odd one.

This past weekend we had a big blizzard/storm that gave us 13 inches of snow over night. Church ended up being canceled and as missionaries we had 3 extra hours of doing something. We chose to go outside and shovel the snow and then go to the Derr's home to help them out with whatever they need. The Derrs are a part member family and we teach their husband George Derr AKA Duck Dynasty. We are reading the Book of Mormon with them and we are in 3 nephi 13. Some interesting things about this family is that they both served in the army, they don't have a tv, microwave, or anything electronically fancy. They are the family with their son named Hank where we sometimes have nerf wars. We helped them set up their Christmas tree and when i send you the picture look for the Lobster ornament. I put it up and its a silverish lobster.

Hank by Christmas tree

I guess we know why they call him "Duck Dynasty"

On wednesday we had a lesson with our baptismal date alex powwell. We watched Joseph Smith prophet of the Restoration with him and he REALLY enjoyed it and got an even stronger testimony of Joseph Smith and his role in the coming forth of the church. I enjoy teaching people about the church. When people actually want to hear what we have to share, the lessons go by much better and i really feel the spirit when we teach about the truthfulness of the gospel.

On Thursday we visited with a less active member named janet t****. she is a colombian woman who was baptized back in colombia and had only been to church one time. which was the same day she got baptized. the missionaries who baptized her didnt even teach her anything about the church but they did set a good example for her by living their lives serving others. Janet loves serving others and she hosts dinners at her house for the less fortunate people of bath. She is so nice and we had dinner at her house that night. she made us tacos with spanish rice and homemade salsa. She also had a friend from colombia who is in the US to learn english. She is 20 years old and will be here till the 25 of jan. My 3 years of spanish that i took back in high school came into play and we started to teach her english. it was pretty fun. We then invited her to come to church on Sunday and she said sure. but church didnt happen so we had to call her and cancel...

Overall this was a good week. I had a good attitude and life is starting to get better and better. I am enjoying my time out here on the mission and I am so glad I decided to go on one. I learn everyday and I'm becoming a better and better person everyday. I am still Drew but I am enjoying being Elder Dahlberg. Thanks for all the support and I really am thankful to everyone who supports me on my mission.

Snow Boots
 Okay mom i have a couple of things to say. For christmas i am going to be calling you from facetime or skype. not sure which one. but it will be for sure after 2pm your time. so it will be later in the day. I am sending a Christmas package out today and i want you to open it while we skype. and I want to say i love you guys and i love all the support im getting. Its seriously over whelming. I am so popular haha thanks mom.
We decorated this tree.  Pretty good, huh?

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