Thursday, December 26, 2013

(From 12/23 email) Countdown to Skype time...

     Well Missionary life is very productive and exciting if you ask me. I am starting to get a hang of this life and I'm enjoying it. We received word that iPads will come in the year 2014 so that is something to look forward too. But i personally think if they give us iPads there will be a LOT more restrictions and even more rules, which if that's the case i wouldn't mind not having iPads.  
     But this week has been an interesting one. We only had Church for 1 hour because of the Ice storm. So we had sacrament meeting and than it was the Christmas program. But a cool part was that Sister youland came to church aaaaannnndd she brought her husband Tony! Elder Lund told me that he never thought in a million years that Tony would come to church. But hey. he came even when he felt sick and crappy! He came because he promised Sis. Youland and she was very happy that he came. I have never seen her so happy at church. She sat next to Tony and held his hand the whole hour and i could tell it meant alot to her to have Tony there. I'm glad Tony came, he enjoyed looking at the primary sing. those kids kept making faces and some of them couldn't carry a tune to save their lives but hey, who needs a good singing voice when your 'cute as a button'. This week we also were elves at the youlands and we wrapped presents for them and we got to do a cool new snow/winter activity. Its called snow shoveling!  We used a long tool that scraped the snow of of their roof and we also shoved parts of their house. Speaking of Shoveling. This week Elder Swalberg was on an exchange with me here in bath. We had some time to kill until we got picked up for district meeting so we grabbed our snow shovels and headed out of the house. We were blindly walking down streets looking for someone to help shovel. And than out of nowhere a car comes and rolls down their window and the person tells us to walk to the Derrs house and shovel their driveway because George didn't get the chance to do it. So we did. After that we started heading back to home and we see a guy we had previously offered to help shovel and he was still going at it. I yelled "The offer still stands" and he laughs and gave in and let us help him. He is a construction worker who moved here with his wife who happens to be from Encinitas. The wife owns a cafe in downtown bath and they told us we could stop by and get a free coffee. (we will stop by for free Hot Chocolate :) After shoveling him we were headed home and stopped at the local New Jerusalem church. We saw an old pastor who was really old. He had to be in his 80's and he was the only one shoveling this long walkway that would have taken him all day except for our help. We offered to help him and he gladly accepted by barely muttering out the words "yes of course". But we shoveled the walkway and than their entire church with him and he told us how awesome we are and that our church is the BEST at doing service and just being friendly. Than he told us something i will never forget. He told us, while handing us a pamphlet to his church. "You haven't gained a convert, but you gained a friend." How awesome is that guy! I mean seriously! 

     Some updates.... Alex our Investigator has dropped off the radar :/ his phone went out of service and he changed apartments and we cant find him. So no updates on him other than he is not reachable as of this moment..... 

     On friday we volunteered at the local Food Pantry and put some cans in boxes for the needy people in bath. So after that we walked to the Borges family with a huge pecan pie we had been given from the food pantry. we gave the pie to them and they were all happy about it. than after them we walked to the local members house nearby to just stop by (the alexanders). Its an older woman and her nonmember husband who is the nicest person i have ever met. they invited us in and of course offered us food, and being an 18 year old boy i will never turn down food especially when its roast beef and mashed potatoes. haha  after that we sat and talked about the Bible and about where the world is turning with this whole 'Gay rights' ordeal. We than had to leave and after closing prayer, Sis Hersum (A lady whose husband had passed away about a month ago, i attended his funeral) She asked us to sing Put your Shoulder to the Wheel. So, Elder Lund and I nervously accepted and started singing it occapella. We sang so good. My voice didn't crack once. and We harmonized and everything. I have never sang so good in my entire life. I don't think that song was meant for us, it was meant to help her. I honestly belief that the Spirit sang that song and we were just the mouthpieces for it. It was really amazing.

My schedule for Christmas eve is wake up and than go to the Johnstons for breakfast (an australian family!) and than go with them to an old folks home and sing carols for them. then after that we will make M&M cookies at the apartment to give to families in the ward and then go to a members home for dinner where we will be part of their Christmas eve tradition. (They always have the missionaries over for Christmas Eve) than after that we will go with the youlands to freeport where we will go and tour the Christmas lights at the Original LL bean factory. That will finish the night. Then Christmas I will wake up open presents or whatever haha than go to the Jones (our ward mission leader who is awesome and i haven't talked about them alot but i should) for brunch and than travel to the derrs for dinner/ Christmas tradition and then stay there for skyping. and that will finish Christmas. Sounds awesome huh?! really busy and it should be alot of fun. I am so Excited to talk to you guys on Christmas. I hope you have Questions ready because i want to make the most of this 1 hour. And i ask that while were skyping you screen shot my face so that in the future i can look back and see myself. Merry Christmas to all those in the Ward that love and Support. me Especially the Oldners. :) Thanks for all the love and support and i look forward to hearing from you!  
Stockings from Sister Youland
Pretty scene of snow

Not so pretty scene of snow pile in the parking lot

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