Monday, November 18, 2013

"Only 1 out of 10... came to church"

Dear Readers,
Here's the latest from Elder Dahlberg!

First some comments on my email asking about the package and telling him that Tori decided not to play water polo.  She wants to learn to play volleyball better.

     I loved the comic you put in there. It went straight into my journal haha. But yeah i really enjoyed the trailmix and the reunion with my pillow. This is off topic but i dont think ill be sending the jacket back home. There is a missionary here who will need it and i might give it to him if thats okay. There isnt a really big need for it at home. The only missionaries in our ward is us and the sisters. their names are sister tait and sister hoffman. I dont have a picture with them cause we dont really see them all to often. The weather today is the best its been all my mission. it is like 60 degrees and sunny. The best day ever!! haha not really but its still very nice outside. It did rain last night though. About tori! Dangit. i just mailed a letter today to tori talking about water polo. that little punk.... :/

     Okay so this week has been a pretty lame/non eventful week. This past sunday only 1 of the 10 people we committed to go to church actually came and the 1 was the investigator we have named Alex. he is a big black guy with a cane and he is really funny and cool. But no one else came and that was a bummer to see. But on the bright side I got 2 packages this week! its like Christmas in November!! I got them on Wednesday and Thursday. I got them in the evening but i waiting until daily planning was over so i could fully enjoy the packages. Thanks for all the contents inside of them MOM!! I loved every little thing, including all those envelopes my goodness that was a lot. Its funny because when i opened the package i saw all the envelopes and i just immediatly put them all aside and i just thought they were normal envelopes until yesterday. I looked at the envelopes and i saw that one of them had something inside of it and it was pictures!!!! That seriously made my day getting to see those. Good thing i saw them. 

     This past week we have been trying to go down the ward list and find people that dont want to be found :) An experience we had while doing it was we were walking and we found the house and we knocked on the door. I noticed there was no peep  hole in the door and i was like hmm i wonder how this guy can see who is at the door so i am just looking around and i see a high tech camera moving to look directly at me and the lense inside started to focus on me and i was like what the heck and i got a little anxous and scared ! Im in the boonies of Bath and this guy has some crazy high tech stuff to look who is outside his door. After we knocked a second time a very angry/annoyed/ornary voice yelled "BYEEE!!" and elder lund and I looked at each other like "RUN!!!" and we left real quick. I think i may have peed a little bit but im not 100% sure about that. 

     Here in Maine, people make their own bread. HOMEMADE BREAD is the best thing ever. I always loved when you made homemade biscuits and stuff so that is probably why i love it so much here. Sometimes at member meals all i eat is the homemade bread because its just so good. Its completely different than store bought bread. 

     This past Wednesday i hosted an exchange in Bath with a zone leader named Elder B****. He drives exactly like DEVIN!! I didnt get a picture with him because he just isnt that type of person to pose with me for a selfie haha. He was a get down to business kind of guy. Do things by the book. Letter of the Law, not spirit of the law. Not alot happend this past week that i can talk about but the thing that comes to mind the most is something that happened Saturday. 

that is the model of the ship Virginia.
that is the first ship ever built by the city of bath
     Saturday morning elder lund and i finish studies and head down to the docks to meet a guy named Jay who is working on a boat. We met him while serving food out at the local Baptist church. He is an older man with a beard. (Youll see him in the picture) While he was showing us the boat that was being built he randomly stopped and just told us something that he rarely shares with anyone. He told us that every morning he wakes up and thanks God for keeping him poor and humble and then he reads out of the bible. He than shared his beliefs with us about how he believes that God created the Heavans and the Earth. and how when he looks out along the water he knows that God created that. He said he doesnt believe in there only being one church and only one way to heaven. We then told him that everyone is going to heaven and he just shrugged it off. Im still trying to get a hang of this whole missionary life by relating everything to the Gospel haha. Its hard to bring it up because once you do people either shrug it off or just completlely turn around and walk away right in front of your face.  

     Well thats all i could muster for this letter. to answer your questions mom elder neilson talked alot about companionship unity and surprisingly about marriage. and how the mission is preparing you for the REST of your life. I do not need boots. I purchased boots at a local shop called Reny's. Nothing about Facebook or anything of that manner. When i get more info about that sort of stuff, trust me ill be sure to let you know. 

Elder Lund and I were walking along High Street. (look it up on google) and we got to the end and saw a huge gravestone. look at the size of that thing. I just had to get a picture with it because i just had to haha.

( Mom) Glad you found the pictures!!  Well, I guess your hour is probably almost up.  I love hanging out on the computers miles away from each other.  Shortens the distance a little bit...

Have a great week!

(Elder Dahlberg) I totally agree with you mom. this is really cool that we can do this. I just imagine back in the pioneers days when those missionaries went out they had NO communication with families and they were often on their missions for longer than 2 years. so what i am experienceing is nothing compared to them. I think "OH NO i can only email my parents once a week! How sad"
They think "OH NO i cant even talk or see my family for 5 years? Hmm not bad" 

Haha i hope my humor makes you chuckle cause it makes me chuckle and since im at a public library the people next to me probably think im demented or crazy or something haha. Love you mom! talk to you next week. 

This is random but in the blog this week can you say that it takes 4 days for a written letter to get to my home address of 962 middle street and it takes about 8 days to get to me if you send it to the mission home address. That would be wicked if you could do that for me. thanks mom.  I love you. Bye

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