Friday, November 1, 2013

Bonus Post! Bald Eagle's Nest

        Sasanoa River,  Woolwich, Maine

I received a fun email from the sister who gave the Elders the warm jackets.  Here is what she sent:

"I am Sister Mary Youland. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of your son. They have been working with me building a terrace (which I have named "Elder Terrace" because of their help). The pictures of the bay are to not only show the beautiful fall colors but to show the pole with the bald eagle nest. It doesn't show up too clearly but to the left of your son's face is a pole on the island where two bald eagles reside. There have been many generations from that nest and it is a remarkable sight to watch them teach their young how to fly. It has been my pleasure to have these young gentlemen in our home. You should be proud parents."

See the little sign?  Elder Terrace!

Elders Lund & Dahlberg on "Elder Terrace"
The pole with the Bald Eagle's Nest
Lots better than the drug area!!

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