Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So bad news....... I broke my camera this week while stacking wood....

SO this is the wood stacking service where I broke the screen on my camera.... Hence explaining the frown on my face.

(but it's OK, we ordered him a replacement...)

     This week didn't start off great but it ended up being a pretty decent week at least.  Among our 7 cancellations with lessons with our investigators, we found a new investigator named H*****.  He is in his late 60's and isn't all that interested in being baptized into our church but he wants to find out more about our doctrine and what we as LDS believe. He has talked to Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries and The Seventh Day Adventists and now he is talking to us. He told us that among all the religions on earth, he finds ours the closest to what the Bible says a church should be. SO that was a big compliment. He is very smart, smarter than me plus my mission president combined. He also is one of those kind of people who will tell you anything and everything about anything. He will tell you all the info you need about Babylon, or the Assyrians. He is like a human Google search bar haha. Best way to explain it.

     Also this week we had one lesson with one of our investigators, R*****. This was on Saturday and it was all rainy and the classic New England groggy overcast look and we had to do a lesson with her outside on her porch since she is a single woman. We were on her porch, huddling under the tiny overhang of the roof so that we didn't get drenched. if you want a real image of her house  go on Google earth and look up 44 Jarvis st in Windsor Vermont. You will get a image of what we were attempting to use as cover. Well that lesson went really well even though we ended up getting completely soaked from head to toe. She said she would come to church but didn't... She will someday :)

      Among all the lesson cancellations Elder Hansen got sick and didn't feel good at all. It was kind of out of nowhere and then he saw this white pimple looking thing on his arm and turned out he got bit by a spider and it got him sick. We think he is allergic to them because the bite wasn't all that big. But during the time he was sick I had some time to read scriptures and kind of recuperate my energy for the rest of the week.

     We also did service for a Less Active lady in the ward. She is selling her house and needs it to be repainted in parts. So in order to repaint, you need to scrape the bad paint off. So that was our job! I think I found the service that I will have no problem never having to do again. Scraping paint off a house with a manual scraper. It is so tedious and I've done it so much already on my mission.  I wasn't getting angry about it or mean about it, but I made a joke to Elder Hansen about the scripture Mosiah 2:17. in short it means that serving mankind is serving God. So my joke was every single time I scraped the wall I said "I'm serving God" in an exhausted voice. I scraped the wall about 40 times a minute so you can just imagine how often I was saying that-- haha.

     We weren't able to meet with A***** P**** or anyone because of all the cancellations but we have plans to have a great upcoming week. This upcoming week we have member meals every single night, we have 4 referrals to contact, we have zone conference this Wednesday with a member of the 70. (Elder Wilson?), we have transfer calls this upcoming Saturday at 9 PM so set the date! I'm pretty excited for this upcoming week and I hope it turns out great!

     Random story: I went to the bathroom at church and after coming out of the stall and looking in the mirror I was shocked. I finally saw myself more grown up than I was when I left on my mission 11 months ago.  I looked in the mirror and saw Elder Dahlberg the 19 year old missionary, rather than Drewbie the surfer from California. I thought it was a cool realization and I know its true.  Elder Hansen and I were talking about this last night how we both can't fully remember what it's like to be back home and what we were like. We both said we were proud of who we are becoming and what a blessing it is to go on a mission, because we are learning WAY more than if we were to have went right to college. I can't put it into words how much I've learned over my time being a missionary; I just know I won't ever regret it :)

All Smiles,
Elder Dahlberg
I think he's still pretty silly...

Here is our District-- all the people I see every Wednesday for District meeting.

Elder Robison, who is going home next week

This is my hand regrowing its own skin after my stupidity of squeezing ice for too long. But there are 2 things to notice. 1. My hand made a heart out of its own dead skin  2. My hand is white as snow!

  Yes, he's definitely still silly....

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